Premier League: returning teams…

In attack Vladimir SHEPELEV. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Today Kharkiv match the teams included in the top three, will begin the second round of the first stage of the championship.

“SE” analyzes what these two and ten other teams face at an intermediate start.


Unresolved remains the duel between “Mariupol” and “Dynamo” Dynamo, having a decent security assurances and, on the contrary, received an official letter from law enforcement agencies with recommendations to refrain from visiting the shores of the sea of Azov, asked to move away from the combat zone. Of course, blowback in the form of migration and home match.

However, account was taken only of the arguments of the other side in the spirit of “everyone is happy, and you don’t”. The FTC has decided to award Dynamo a technical failure – and now the case for the appellate Committee of FFU, which, it seems, will pull now to the maximum – until, when it will be too late to change something.


This season our clubs have had to face yet another would like an independent player on the football scene. This, as you may have guessed, the FTC Federation, intervened actively in football life of the country.

It all started with the super Cup match, after which Dynamo was rightly punished for the behaviour of the ultras with two matches without spectators probation and a fine. However, saying “A”, you might say, and “B” is not only a fine to punish and Shakhtar, whose fans then beat Odessa steward.

Not saying “B”, said””. Following a recommendation from the Federation’s Premier League has filed an appeal against too weighty penalties for both clubs – and the appeal Committee, sometimes going only three times a year, immediately took it into consideration. Without waiting specified in the schedule of mandatory monetary contribution – and without any solution looks illegitimate.

The appeal Committee remanded the case to the FTC, arguing that under consideration at this stage was not taken into account all the arguments of the interested parties. Again on reflection, the control and disciplinary Committee reduced the fines, instead making a conditional match of Dynamo sanctions unconditionally. The head of the Premier League Vladimir geninson gave to understand that I do not agree with this decision, since it was taken illegally, but then to take it to the execution of agreed… Dynamo.

It is clear that the agreed capital club, not because I agreed with the verdict. The fact is that, try and do anything related to Kiev in legal red tape and filed an appeal to play without spectators they would have not with the nearest rival – “Veres”, and with the following – “Shakhtar”.

About mining fans KDK, by the way, again not remembered. How not to remember them, probably, and Celtic crosses, appearing regularly in the stands where the ultras sit orange and black. Kiev is also not angels, but that punishment is inevitable. In one match without spectators they are hard to Doge “Chernomorets” in another and did not break the resistance of “Veres”.


Shakhtar now thoroughly moved to Kharkov, finally became to meet the security requirements of UEFA and FIFA, and received the right to hold matches of the European Cup. “Arena Lviv” was left without a profitable team, even for the matches of Shakhtar in the domestic League, despite all of the marketing activities, and went a tiny number of football fans.

And Karpaty returned to his home “Ukraine,” in Soviet times called “Friendship”. But the stadium, built in the suburbs specially for Euro-2012, demandable, becoming home to “Veres”. Rovenchanam regulations last season was allowed to take the Cup of the country on his “Avant-garde” “Vorskla”, allows you now to play youth team, but for the Premier League arena will not do.

Although the pitch there is better than in the gardens in Odessa and Onward we had the good fortune to see in the spring. And moved to the “Arena Lviv”, “Veres” there is no support left in the beginning (while it was warm) came over a thousand Rivne fans.

But “Steel” almost broke their connection with Kamensky. When the team played in the river for “meteor” fans of the former Dneprodzerzhinsk could still escape in a nearby town. Now, when “Steel” was moved to the Kiev “Obolon Arena”, it becomes too expensive.

And for someone to look at? The pupils of the school Metalurh Donetsk, reinforced by several leased and former Dynamo Yes three foreign players? Not that it was the dream of fans when the team in 2015 ranked in the first League in second place, won promotion, replacing like samolikvidirovalsja Metalurh Donetsk.


The imminent fall of “Steel”, which participated in the tournament at all was in question, has not been challenged. More surprising were two starting victory Kamentsev. But the euphoria gave way to bitter disappointment, and Eghishe Melikyan, who converted in the offseason over the reins from Leonid Kuchuk already began to prepare to vacate the office when the team started to lose everyone.

However, a resignation submitted only when, after seven defeats in a row kamentsy tied with a strong “Olympic”. Under the leadership of “BP.and.about.” Kirill Nesterenko “Steelworkers” put into the Treasury of one point, and the second round the team will lead into battle if you are familiar with Ukrainian football (President of the club Vardan Israelian – even better) Nikolay Kostov.

Not bad, probably, option, given that perhaps not so many were willing with at least some name to sit in this hot seat.

Failed to start “dawn”, lost during the year practically the whole of the attacking line and staged a demarche Brazilian defender Rafael Forster. Arrived mainly from the “Dnepr” replenishment too long to fit into the game. Quite succinctly expressed the idea about Yuriy vernydub: “Some do not understand where they were, others just continue to celebrate the third place”.

To rebuild had to go. Helped the team, freeing Vernidub from the need to speak every time about the possibility of resignation, the August newcomers. Especially Alexander Karavayev, who returned to the team after an unsuccessful trip to Fenerbahce and immediately received the captain’s armband. And soon received a return to the national team and in the starting lineup, what could not dream before leaving to Turkey and healthy Bohdan Butko.

Collapsed Karpaty, parted with coach Oleg golubom. Lviv club spoke in Spanish, is clear is that returned from the Junior teams of Villarreal Alex Gutsulyak. But the rest of the players and fans overseas recruits a common language is not found.

Yes there are legionaries! Found it even the former symbol of FC Karpaty Artem Fedetskyy, whose return cannot be called a triumph. Five cards and an own goal in seven games. Yes, and from “always wrogo” got in the Cup game with the “Carpathian region. Now (I think before the New year) the situation will have to disentangle Sergei Zaitsev, to move into the coaching chair from the post of sports Director. However, the command still all Yuri Dyachuk-stavytskyy and Dario Drudi.


And Dulub came up in “Chernomorets”. True, not immediately, but after a bad start of Odessa, which was drained in the offseason, another personnel loss that could not, by definition, mechanical and indemnify the invasion of the crowd of free agents. Alexander Babich resigned and after spending a short time in the Pearl, suddenly (but not all) were in the “Mariupol”.

No wonder interned at Shakhtar. Liked – was approved. This is something just amazing nothing. The strange departure of Oleksandr Sevidov. A task he fulfilled. Team confidently won the permit in Premier League, that among other things was marked by the signing at the end of June a new two-year contract. And started “Mariupol” somewhat confident, not just a foothold in the top six, but making a serious bid for the competition.

I wonder just where to hold them. Clearly, not in Mariupol, and no Vasily Zhuravlev common sense is not a decree. And then suddenly Sevidov “did not agree with the leadership team in matters of strategy development.” What is the matter? In that ill-fated match with “Dinamo”? Or “Gornyak-Sport”, which Francesco Bagel, not as head of the FFU Committee for ethics and fair play, was considered “outrageous dogovornyak”, but which, sitting in a leadership chair, then suddenly forgotten.

Or just Sevidov not actively set players loaned to Shakhtar, and the leadership didn’t like it? Questions, questions…

Dulub came in “Chernomorets, immediately caused a shake-up of the squad, someone otchetliv, someone moving in a brace, but introducing an impressive squad beginners-legionaries, of which we knew only defender Ivica Balic ‘Zunic’, and the most advanced – yet Aliaksandr Hutar. Some – more due to the scandal, which backup goalkeeper BATE has terminated the contract with the Borisov club.

Winter Dulub promised generally to hold a Grand cleansing – and, it seems, has gone too far. According to rumors, has not received confirmation, there was a big conflict between the coach and the management, which may lead to another reshuffle.


From free from financial problems “Mariupol” good results waited. By the way, the club was renamed, but he plays still on the Illichivets stadium, and steel mill and remains of a name of Ilyich – only he, the unfortunate changed the name. Only the patronymic preserved.

The inclusion of “Veres” in the Premier League had not liked everything. It even two telepole did not show the joy of another channel, which broadcast the games of Rivne players tear ratings. However, everything happened according to regulations. Does not pass certification for the second club is considered the third.

Just in case let me remind you: the fourth, when the meeting of PFL approved the decision, were “spike” from Kovalivka, is not going to rise in class. A few hours later he walked “Helios”, the application for certification filed, but the FDA is not ready mentally. It was funny to look at how in one city on match of the Premier League club would go in times less than the command of the second division…

Of course, the “Veres” there is a problem with the stadium. But, first, “avant-garde” was no worse than the weft Bannikov, secondly, the field was in the neighborhood. Of course, it’s in another area, but attendance is better than Zorya in Zaporizhya.

Second, the example “Steel” brings the critics to zero. Where is Kamenskoye, where Kiev? Yes, “Veres” too fast for someone’s opinion was the way the opposite of what has made in two years “Dnepr”. Began not even from the second League, and fans, and generally nowhere…

Oh, what a serious reproach: the main sponsor is from Exactly, and from the city. You tell it to “Manchester city”, “PSG” or to Roman Abramovich. Meanwhile, this is a team without foreign players (the young Spaniard Gomez on the way, the Cup was played, but in the championship while on the bench has not moved) and shows quite confident football.

Experts have offered Andriy Shevchenko to pay attention to the winger Ruslan Voloshinovich (although we have a parish of Marloes and return Karavaeva and those who have nowhere to stick) and Central/first defender Vladimir Adamuna…

By the way, today the important match, “Veres” – “Mariupol”.


The leader “Shakhtar” stumbles only twice at home, losing to “Dinamo”, played a draw in Odessa. And why would miners take? The weaker part is not, except that with the departure of Oleksandr Kucher has fewer options in Central defence. Served another suspension for doping, Fred (I emphasize – not suspension for another doping, that is the next suspension for doping. Just it turned out to be broken into two parts).

Young grew up. Who is not sent to study in the Mariupol (Vladislav tank and Andriy Boryachuk). Could in light of the doping scandal Darijo Srna to create problems trauma Bohdan Butko, but he seems to be already in service. Not all of the victory, Shakhtar were extracted with glitz, “Steel” and does Doge when ended and injury time. But the points dropped.

Dynamo received the handicap in an away victory over Shakhtar have managed to lose in Poltava in the match the name of the goalkeeper Oleksandr Tkachenko, then in the home game with “Veres” was a good goalkeeper by the name of Oleksandr – bandura, but in which chances were at the other side.

And just before the break – in an incredible Thriller with “Dawn (4:4), forcing statisticians to raise the Talmud, figuring out when “Dinamo” in the championship won after 3:0 and missed four goals per game. It’s no problem – it is. But draws with the score 4:4 in the championship of Ukraine until October 1, has not happened.

And the Dynamo in its history, played only once – with the Moscow “torpedo” in 1951. In short, the vacillation amplitude of the Dynamo will be more than Shakhtar. Waiting for the next full-time date leaders, which only have to wait for anything – until 22 October. I hope that with the audience.

Kiev on the go practically rebuilt the defense (the process will continue when the winter in “Besiktas” will go domagoj Vida), and now learning to live without Andriy Yarmolenko. Direct his replacement Viktor Tsygankov too prone to injury. And when healthy, the coaches often run the risk of releasing in the middle line of two young artists – he and Vladimir Shepelev. Better second striker, good selection of now is large enough.

This, however, does not benefit the national team of Ukraine, but why after Marlos not naturalize and Junior Moraes? The forward position in the team is much more scarce than that in which the Donetsk Shakhtar in the match against Croatia he played and Yarmolenko is not allowed.


On 11 matches still ahead before the division into six. Four points separating who received the course of “Dawn” from “Mariupol”, does not seem an insurmountable margin. But the Luhansk side unlucky to have to compete with this club that much more their own need in the top six.

Ascribe Azovtsev three points – and the gap will be five points. While there court in Lausanne will understand and will put all from head to foot – there and final stage to begin…

With the first three, it seems, everything is clear. “Dawn” and three teams placed fourth through sixth, will compete for the remaining jobs. The rest of the top five is unlikely to qualify for something serious. They just need to score points to finish are not to be among the three outsiders.

Let me remind you that this season flies directly one team, and two more will hold the butt of the game with the second and third teams of the first League…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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