Premier League: don’t lie calendars

22 Oct 2017. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. Dynamo – Shakhtar – 0:0. The last Ukrainian Clasico ended in a draw. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE” in Ukraine”

Yesterday at the NSC “Olympiyskiy” was held the draw for the second stage of the championship in two groups.

The first team is still not set, but you can with 99% certainty say that our two giants will meet in the 27th round (base day – April 14) and concluding a 32-m (may 19). Change now can only order “home – guests”.

In 27-m round will be hosted by the team that completes the starting period of the second tournament. In 32-m round – on the contrary.


with NSK “Olympic”

All these classifications not specially podgadali, if you suddenly something inadvertently thought. There was a lot. First, future owners of places in the standings after the first stage was also assigned by lot number. The winner got No. 5, runner – up to No. 1. The next meeting of “unity” with five,” in the 27th round on the field “ones”.

Difficultly? At first glance, Yes. Much clearer would be present at the draw not only figures but real team names. However, in accordance with the regulations, this procedure had to take place no later than two rounds before the end of the first stage. Though there are still three rounds, one match played and one unplayed, the fate of which in these days is solved in Lausanne, it’s not then decided not to postpone.

In theory, the “Dynamo” (but not “miner”) can overtake “Vorskla”, but it needs just incredible coincidence. So a couple of leaders, I think, will not change. The only places the giants are capable of change, and their battle in the final round – you will agree that this exciting long before the game itself. Especially if the champion is will not be clear.

There is one caveat. The Champions League final will be held on may 26 in Kiev. Championship of Ukraine is terminated on the 19th. But with APR UEFA will “withstand” the arena for the final. At the same time – will bring it to the condition. As a consequence, the Dynamo can ask in advance to release the “Olympic”.

In short, when it is determined the holders of seats in the first phase, it will be necessary manually to separate the people of Kiev, who will have to play at home “Dynamo” named after Valeriy lobanovskyi, with Marseille renting this arena. Here, incidentally, also will be played the Champions League final, but for women.

However, one can argue that the monthly (if not more) “quarantine” before the final of the most prestigious club competition – the generally accepted international practice. Leaving the rest of the finals-2017 in Cardiff on “the Millennium” (“Cardiff city” still plays on another platform), refer to the decisive match in 2016. Before the final passing then at the Milan “Giuseppe Meazza” may 28, last game of the series And was held at the arena may 14 – in the final round…

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