Poroshenko advised Ukrainians to learn multiple languages.

Petro Poroshenko

It would be nice if in addition to the state language citizens of Ukraine will study several others. About this during his speech at the party Congress of the BPP Solidarity said, commenting on the sensational new law on education, the President Petro Poroshenko.

The reform in the field of education, he said, will be more protected the rights of members of national minorities, which scandalously advocated by neighboring countries.

“We have adopted a new and ambitious education reform… There is one more important thing: we returned the Ukrainian language, the Ukrainians from an early age. Yes, protecting national minorities. But the Ukrainian language will speak to every Ukrainian. It is desirable that several others,” he said.

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5 September 2017 Rada approved the reform of education. From September 1, 2018 preschool and primary education children can obtain, in the language of national minorities, in parallel with mandatory studying of the Ukrainian language. The fifth grade primary training will be conducted in the Ukrainian language and language of national minorities who wish to study as a separate discipline.

Concern was expressed by Romania and followed her and Hungary. To abandon the innovations of Ukraine called in Moldova, and in Russia expected said about “forced Ukrainization”. Later, Romania has acted for dialogue with Kiev.

In October, the PACE called on Ukraine to consider when the implementation of the law on education “without exception,” recommendations of the Venice Commission on this document and to amend the law itself. LIGA.net explainedwhat is behind this decision.

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