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13 August, 2017, 15:16
Bilya Staley on Nezalezhnosti Square at CIV vesiculobullous, public activte th poltics emprunte s Caucasus roshomoy naili have in the private wlno Cker

About TSE powders correspondent of the Censor.NO.

“This is Zahid symbols those scho our gate, not deplaces on VSI in susella not unable Samiti our will to Peremogi I our spirit. I scho our Peremoga bliska Yak Nikoli,” said organsier acts uchenica ATO Amna Okuwa.

Read also: “Pdriving Putina”. Hto taqiy Adam Osmaw, yakogo numeralia of mbiti in the center.

  • Before CIM Deg Dudv, Shin lder chechenskogo Rukh support 1990-x years of Dzhokhar Duda, opubco interv Yu his dad, in yakomu the voicing forecast schodo okupatsiï Rosy Ukrayinsky cream.

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