On the form of the Russian Olympians banned national symbols

On the form of the Russian Olympians banned national symbols

The abbreviation “RUS” everywhere changed to “OAR”


The IOC has sent sports federations of Russia rules for creating a neutral form for the Olympics-2018.

Among the items of the list is a ban on the use of any symbols for national identification but were permitted “one or two color flag”.

The list of requirements, quotes life. ru:

— not allowed to use any characters for national identification;

— the state emblem, the emblem of the National Olympic Committee (Olympic Committee of Russia) shall be replaced by the Olympic rings, and the abbreviation “RUS” everywhere changed to “OAR”;

— Russia changes to Olympic Athlete from Russia;

— the font size for the words from Olympic Athlete must be equivalent to Russia;

is a trademark of Team Russia are forbidden to use the equipment, accessories, and equipment;

— the font must be in the English language and more universal;

— you are allowed one or two colors of the national flag, but requires prior approval of the IOC, and the individual pieces should not be folded into the national flag.

In addition, all changes in the form design, require coordination with the IOC.

Recall that Russia will not boycott the Olympics.

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