October 17 will be a duel of bots

Video October 17, will be a duel of bots

A mandatory part of the duel – melee


The company MegaBots (USA) and Suidobashi Heavy Industry (Japan) agreed on the date of the first duel fighting humanoid robots (BCR). The event will take place on October 17. It is reported N+1 with reference to TechCrunch.

Piloted humanoid robots (also bots, BCR) – a popular weapon in sci-Fi movies, games and anime. Isolated instances of real manned BCR built for entertainment purposes and are not used for battles.

In 2015, it became known that in the near future things will change and will be the first in the history of mankind duel BCR. The creators of the American MegaBot Mk.II called for a duel Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry that built the Kuratas robot. A few days later the Japanese took up the challenge, but noted that a mandatory part of the duel should be melee. After the appearance of the conditions about the melee MegaBots attracted with the help of crowdfunding 550 thousand dollars and the money raised built a MegaBot BCR Mk.III, and will participate in the battle.

Initially, it was planned that the battle will take place in August 2017 and will be broadcast live channels MegaBots and Suidobashi Heavy Industry, but during August 2017, the two sides did not disclose any details. We now know that the duel will take place on 17 October. The duel will be broadcast on Twitch at 05:00 on 18 October (on the US West coast at this time will be 19:00 on 17 October).

Megabot Mk.III weighs 12 tons with a height of 4.9 meters, and Kuratas 6.5 tons at a height of 4 meters. It is known that MegaBots have modified the robot and have tested different types of weapons to fight, including the chain saw, hydraulic grapple, auger huge and even larger version of the threat slicers Simone IETC. Any modifications in design or the weapon Kuratas, however, to date, unknown.

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