Nobel world. Can Putin and Poroshenko to apply for the mixed award

Nobel world. Can Putin and Poroshenko to apply for the mixed award

Over the years, the nominee of the Nobel peace prize became Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin


72nd session of the UN General Assembly opened. The issue of peacekeeping mission in Ukraine agenda. It remains to wait for the efforts of the international community will bring peace to our troubled land. And then to encourage the Nobel peace prize of all involved.

Including the UN itself. For the second time. Because in 2001, it (and its then-Secretary General Kofi Annan) this award has been presented. With the wording: “For the contribution to the creation of a more organized world and strengthening peace in the world”.

However, since it was somehow safer? Well, not true. You know. Because the Nobel prize “for peace” — the most dubious of all, established by the inventor of dynamite. Confusion, and then a scandal accompanied by almost half of the nominees.

In 1917, not the government, not the labour party of Norway initiated the award of the Lenin’s “Decree on peace”. He took Soviet Russia out of the war. The Nobel Committee and the application was rejected (missed deadlines), however, pointed out that the prize may be awarded in the future. If in Bolshevik Russia peace will be established. It did not happen.

In the same 1917, when the award was received by the international Committee of the red cross, one of the nominees was the Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm II. Next year he is going to abdicate and flee to the Netherlands. And a year later you will see the text of the Treaty of Versailles, which is a requirement of the issuance of the last German Emperor as the main war criminal, guilty of violation of peace in Europe. The Queen of the Netherlands will refuse to do it.

In 1935, the award nominated Mussolini.

In 1939 — Hitler. It was in a sense the sarcasm member of the Swedish Parliament Brandt, fascist. He decided to set off the absurdity of the other candidates discussed in Sweden. For example, Neville Chamberlain, a member of the Munich agreement, by which the Third Reich annexed the Sudetenland. Sarcasm Brandt no one appreciated the nomination was withdrawn.

Stalin visited the candidates for the award twice. The first time, in 1945, his “ride on black horses” in good company, along with Churchill and Roosevelt.

Were awarded the Cordell hull in recognition of his contribution to establishment of peace in the Western hemisphere, in the promotion of trade and the formation of the United Nations. But this American was known to others. In 1939, he, as Secretary of state has banned hundreds of Jewish refugees from Europe to get off the ship “St. Louis” in the United States. Unhappy had to return to Europe, where most of them perished in concentration camps.

In 1948, the award could not only Stalin, but Molotov, Truman or Mahatma Gandhi. But the last nominated prior to that, in 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1947, was killed in January, and the Nobel Committee does not award posthumously, decided anyone the award not to award.

Already in the first half century of its existence (since 1901) “trophy” earned such a reputation that when in 1953, Churchill announced the award of the Nobel prize, he responded wryly: “I Hope not for peace.”

No, not for the world. He became laureate in literature. Although he was nominated for both.

The most scandalous criminal with a touch of romance event in the history of the Nobel peace prize occurred in 2000. Swiss parliamentarian Mario Fehr nominated as a candidate Stanley Williams-nicknamed tookie. One of the founders of the Crips gang in Los Angeles, at that time, nearly twenty years languishing in anticipation of the execution of a death sentence in prison, “San Quentin”.

At tookie hanged four death that he did not recognize. Perhaps he would have gone out of this world-widely known in narrow circles, but in prison he repented of his crimes and began to write children’s books. Their main topic was the fight against street violence. The fruits of his inspired work became a bestseller, and the writer in the uniform of the prisoner even received the prize of the President of the United States.

After the initiative Fera tuks eight times nominated for the Nobel prize, four of which — according to the literature. In 2005, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected a clemency petition killers. Didn’t help that a year earlier, the screens out the film “Atonement”, based on the fate of tookie. 13 December 2005 failed nobelium was executed.

The gender principle at the Nobel peace prize still had not been done. However, since the 1970s years, the number of women in the competition beginning to increase significantly (up to this time there were only three). From the confusion, scandals and gossip the Nobel Committee is not spared.

In 1979, the award was given to mother Teresa. Despite the popularity of this shape the choice seemed perfect. The behavior of Agnes Gange, Boianjiu how in the world was the name of the famous Albanian, serious and to the point criticized. For example, for the fact that only a fraction of donations to the order of “Sisters missionaries of love”, which she founded, went to charity. Mother Teresa urged to pray for the victims of earthquakes in India, but no money to help them not isolated.

Already in the status of nobility she visited Haiti Jean-Claude Duvalier. Saying a fiery speech about how “love conquered Duvalier to his people” and that “people are paying him full reciprocity”, she received from the dictator with $2.5 million and the country’s highest award — the order of the Legion of glory. The act, causes doubt that mother Teresa really claimed “the world in the most important area, protecting the inviolability of human dignity”, as recorded in the award justification.

The passion that erupted around Aung San su JI — laureate 1991, and now the head of the government of Myanmar only proves that cater to a premium in the true peacemaker is not an easy task.

Soo Joo at the time, was awarded for the non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights. Then she stood up to the junta, was under house arrest, and the award instead was given to the sons. Now amid the violent efforts against the Muslim Rohingya minority, are increasingly voices that su JI should be deprived of the prize (previously called such in relation to Obama).

The Guardian today asks the question: what happened to the icon of morality in Myanmar? The clear answer is no. One of the Western diplomats says that she is the best and you need to understand what “the winds are blowing against her.” A political representative of the Rohingya people, not doskias, correctly applies the current leader of the country or not, just hopes that she is “going to do something good.”

A big scandal around the su Jie easily complemented by a small scandal around her “sisters nobilitat”. The Kenyan Wangari Maathai, in addition to the struggle for democracy and peace, is famous for his statement that HIV was invented by Western scientists to reduce the population of Africa. The human rights activist from Yemen, tawakkol Karman “non-violent struggles for women’s rights”, being in the same party with a person who is suspected of involvement in financing terrorism. In General, where throw…

Today’s world, it seems, really arranged too difficult, so that it can be divided into angels and demons. And “the Lucifer effect”, which was written by Philip Zimbardo, is ruled by them to a much greater extent than is commonly believed. Even white and fluffy in fact may end up with “blood-red lining”.

The fate of the peace prize to some extent reflects the contradiction of the fate of Alfred Nobel — the merchant of death, bequeathed to fight for the General welfare.

And if there’s a way to somehow keep almost ruined the credibility of this award, he must be, is to give it posthumously. When life tables have nothing to attribute. Neither good nor — most importantly — bad.

But, most likely, in the near future we’re destined to wait for the Nobel Committee for such a step. Dancing with a tambourine around the peace prize continues. And from year to year the number of those who nominate for this award is growing. If the first 50 years of its existence the number of candidates seldom exceeded 40, in the past year, the total number of nominees — persons and organizations — has reached 376. And it seems to have no limit. Fortunately, unlike other Nobel prizes, the nomination of the candidate request from the Nobel Committee is not required. If you are a member of the Parliament or the government, or Professor-Humanities, or head of some research Institute for peace and foreign policy, feel free to send the organizers a letter of offer.

Last year, however, Bocsar, the head of the French Center for political and international Affairs, so did he. Put forward the “dove of peace” Vladimir Putin. The guy on account of the two wars in Ukraine and Syria, but he, of course, innocent, like a baby. Just waiting for someone to save. From Bossara then, of course, and what to expect. In 2015, this enterprising man awarded Ramzan Kadyrov “the struggle against terrorism.” But there’s an important principle. The dimensionless range of initiators contributes to the absurdity of the initiatives themselves.

Like if suddenly in the Donbass will be something like a peaceful settlement, it may well be that the Nobel Committee will encourage the couple decent — Putin and Poroshenko.

Sparodiroval the situation in 1994. Then awarded the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, and two Israelis — Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres — Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs. With the wording: “For efforts to achieve peace in the middle East.”

Grace does not condescend. Arabs and Jews continue to kill each other. And this whole prize giving absurd as if three doctors hung a medal around the neck for the healing of the patient, who after the celebration of this momentous event in a coma.

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