NHL: False intrigue (VIDEO)

Environment. Washington. “Washington” – “Pittsburgh” – 2:3. 6th minute. Chris LETANG opens an account. Photo: Reuters

In the next series of the fundamental confrontation of the NHL the last decade, “Pittsburgh” was stronger than “Washington”.


Goals: Letang – 1 (Bal., Rast, Hornqvist), 5:22 – 0:1. The hornqvist – 1 (Bal., Kuhnhackl, Crosby), 28:20 – 0:2. Yuus – 1 (Eller, Connolly), 39:07 – 1:2. Shiri – 2 (bol., Schultz, Maatta), 40:38 – 1:3. Ovechkin – 8 (Yuus, Backstrom), 52:51 – 2:3.

Goalies: Holtby (58:29 – 58:53, 58:59) – Murray.

Throws: 22 (7+8+7) – 36 (9+15+12).

Penalty: 12 – 8.

12 Oct. Washington. “Capital One Arena.” 18 506 spectators.

The game of the regular season does not go to any comparison with any match of the playoffs. However, in North America, where it understands, again tried to ignite intrigue. While talking about the importance of meetings “Washington” and “Pittsburgh” as well as competition of the most famous hockey players of a generation Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin did not cease more than ten years. Directly into the warm-up popular commentator on NBC’s Pierre McGuire was tortured striker “capitals” Ti. Jay. Oshi questions about how deep in his mind and the minds of teammates stuck in the disappointment of defeat in the seventh match of the series with “penguins” in the last Cup Stanlm. Forward with a straight face confirmed that everything about the past not yet forgotten.

In spite of the luxurious sign with impressive subtext of the match was bland. Such meetings are often in the middle and second half of the season, when more clear and to throw all forces there is no reason. Crosby and Ovechkin on the ice almost did not overlap, as against the link Evgeny Kuznetsov, who was second, act three of its namesake Malkin. The owners are in the process of restructuring, trying as quickly and painlessly introduce the team of newbies to replace those who left in the offseason. Efficient actions of “Washington” in the first matches only have forced to forget about the problems that cannot be solved in a couple of weeks.

Some hints for revenge or just a desire to beat the rivals, “Washington” did not pass. Only one goalie Braden holtby to take the rap for all. In the beginning of the match it at the gate touched Crosby, trying to dislodge the puck. Usually in such situations, at least two people fly to deal with lost coast striker. Crosby got away with him not dare to touch neither the opponents nor the referees, arguing that umerennoi rudeness in the episode was not. Holtby was satisfied with only the fact that at the earliest opportunity put to the offender with a stick on my legs. Came revenge crumpled, shortly after Pittsburgh opened the scoring, converting his first majority.

Holtby in the first half of the match was the only one on the court warrior who tried to contain the offensive opponent. One literally flew into the field, trying not to give score to runaway from all the Swedish striker guests Carla Hagelin. The loonie managed in the style of Dominik Hasek in football to rush the attacker in the leg and hit the puck, but then he covered it with a trap and got two minutes for delay of game.

On special teams both teams played many times, but have implemented most exclusively “Pittsburgh”. To draw the elegant combination of his players, however, didn’t work, but pushed the puck with the “meat” of the patch they are exemplary. Thus were scored all three goals, “penguins”. The timing couldn’t be part of a Stanley Cup winner returned the Swede Patric Hornqvist, who after a stay in hospital first match of the season. Pushing in front of other gates he is able to very efficiently.

Those players, “capitals”, who should be at the level of his talent and size of contracts to pull the team out of tricky situations and tried, but to no avail. Ovechkin on a couple of Kuznetsov memorable lost moment at the end of the first period when the puck seemed to be nowhere to go. The man who gave the owners a chance to compete for points, was a 23-year-old Swedish defender Christian Dios. His father in the early 1990s, spent three seasons in North America playing in the NHL for 82 games for Detroit and the Rangers. Dios, Jr., two years did not get out of the farm-club of “Washington” and match with “Pittsburgh” was his first in the NHL. Goals and assist – a good start! Especially when you consider the fact that the Swede became only the third quarterback in club history to score in the first meeting.


Los Angeles – calgary – 3:4 FROM (0:2, 1:0, 2:1, 0:1). Goals: Tkachuk – 1 (Bal., Backlund, Giordano), 3:56 – 0:1. Frolic – 1 (Godro, Monaghan.), 7:47 – 0:2. Kopitar – 3 (Mazzin Brown), 35:44 – 1:2. Brown – 2 (Doughty, Iapollo), 40:14 – 2:2. Brown – 3 (Forbert, Kopitar), 41:58 – 3:2. Tkachuk – 2 (D. Hamilton, Frolic), 50:59 – 3:3. Monahan – 2 (Brodie, Godro), 61:02 – 3:4. Goalkeepers: Kuik – Smith.

The debut of Jaromir Jagr in calgary came out crumpled. Veteran, discovered the 24th season in the NHL, not impressed, not causing any of the cast in a shot. The reserves did Godea his younger sons, 19-year-old Matthew Tkachuk, against whose father Cech played in the first half of the 1990s. However, the most memorable from the point of view of the hockey art out assist the effective striker “flames” johnny Godro. Miniature striker played “deuce” with Michal Frolic, laying out in the end, the fact the puck to an empty corner.


Toronto – New Jersey – 3:6 (2:2, 0:2, 1:2). Goals: van Riemsdyk – 3 (Bal., Marner, Reilly), 8:33 – 1:0. Wood 1 (Santini, Butcher), 9:07 – 1:1. Wood – 2 (Henrik, Butcher), 10:45 – 1:2. Moore – 2 (Zaitsev, Hansi), 13:33 – 2:2. Zaha – 1 (Bal., Bratt, Johansson), 29:58 – 2:3. Gibbons – 2 (me., Henrik), 34:54 – 2:4. Coleman – 1, 43:35 – 2:5. Matthews – 3 (Bal., Nylander, Marlo), 53:34 – 3:5. Zaha – 2 (Moore), 57:21 – 3:6. Goalkeepers: Andersen – Schneider.

To throw the puck in a situation when playing three against five, rarely works. To see it with my own eyes will be even less. Goal 29-year-old forward Brian Gibbons scored in gate “Toronto”, became the first in the history of the “new Jersey”. In any case, so says the club’s press service, efficiently reviewed all statistical archives, which are conducted since 1988.

Michael ZISLIS, Sport-Express

Anaheim – Islanders – 3:2 (1:1, 1:0, 1:1). Goals: Kolano – 2 (Manson, Getzlaf), 0:37 – 1:0. Nelson – 1 (Mayfield, Ho-Sang), 13:09 – 1:1. Rakell – 2 (Fowler, Kolano), 28:39 – 2:1. The Ivz – 1 (Manson, Getzlaf), 45:32 – 3:1. Nelson – 2 (De Haan, Ho-Sang), 47:57 – 3:2. Goalies: Gibson – Galak (58:34).

Colorado – Boston – 6:3 (1:1, 3:0, 2:2). Goals: Kerfoot – 1 (Barry, Duchesne), 8:19 – 1:0. Marchand – 2 (Spooner), 17:06 – 1:1. Yakupov – 3 (McKinnon), 21:00 – 2:1. Andrighetto – 2 (bol., McKinnon, Lindeskog), 32:37 – 3:1. DuChene – 2 (Yakupov), 35:43 – 4:1. Schaller – 1 (Heinen, Kerali Has), 51:30 – 4:2. Round – 1 (Bal., Marchand, Nash), 52:57 – 4:3. Andrighetto – 3 (p. V., Rantanen, Nemeth), 58:26 – 5:3. Jost – 1 (p. V., Camper, Lindeskog), 58:50 – 6:3. Goalies: Varlamov – Rusk (Khudobin, 40:00, 58:17 – 58:26, 58:36 – 58:50).

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