Newcome staged streljacina shvedskom malmö, tre paranena

photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

13 August, 2017, 16:54
Vneslo stolaini in raw profspilok shvedskom. Malmo pornanna was otrimali to osib

At the time ncident scho Stasia uranc 13 August, budul nahodilsya from 70 to 100 osib, powderly Deutsche Welle.

“Newgame vdkev have nedly, 13 August, streljacina in raw profspilok in malmö on pvdn Svec… For words swacu, osbrone people UAVs in budula I zrobiv n’yat-SST postrm. Wherein VIN Krichev scho avenge his brother. At the time pod have primen nahodilsya from 70 to 100 osib, vinila Panca. Tro was otrimali pornanna s them do – VCOM 20 I 25 years – purebeauty have serious Stani show,” reads podollan.

Medics that arrived., spent two porantim reanimation come in, after chogo otpravili to Lorn. Third pdda s light injuries also delivered to medychne the mortgage.

Motivi zlocina ustanavlivatsya. Polca, poperednii qualco the pondus of the Yak swing on vbivstva. Strinati cholovika, that straw, pokey scho not unable.

The meeting place pod otocene, prabakaran General description pocha Rosslyn – conductive, obsuk iz zadannym of sluzbowa dogs.

  • Navesn tsogo rock in stolic Svec Stasia the attack. U n’yatnytsyu, 7 Quine, vantage V gala in natit people, after chogo Vrsovice have vtrin store I salonul. In resultat incident Buli poranen 15 pass. Polca Patterdale sagebiel chotiroh people, including tro died in the f I zlocinu one later in Lorn.

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