New electric scooter Ujet with orbital wheels are not desired axis

At CES in Las Vegas presented a new line of urban electric scooter Ujet. They are distinguished by their asymmetrical design, folding design and wheels of the orbital type with non-standard fasteners and transmission. The vehicle weighs only 43 kg, including the battery 49 kg, and is adapted to crowded cities.

Asymmetrical design of the scooter looks flimsy, but its design includes the details of magnesium alloy and a frame made of carbon fiber. 14-inch wheels have an integrated suspension and disc brakes are of large diameter. For Ujet designed hi-tech tyres, the rubber covering which concealed single-walled carbon tubes Tuball. Because of this they are the lightest in its class and almost not subject to wear upon contact with the asphalt.

Rear wheel is built motor 5.4 HP, with the energy recovery system during braking. He drives the scooter up to 45 km/h and the full path on one charge varies from 70 to 150 km, depending on configuration batteries. Two of them, charging takes up to 6 hours, but using a fast charger half the time. However, the battery can simply be unplugged and replaced by a loaded.

On Board computer with navigation system, cameras for monitoring of the situation on the road, intelligent dimmer, module owner identification and support for voice input commands. Provides the interface for connection to and recharging of third-party gadgets from smartphones to mobile acoustics. The cost of elektroskutery will be $9-10 thousand in the selling Ujet will go in the first half of this year.

Source — Ujet

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