New BMW car in 90% recycled content

New BMW electric car has received the name “Phoenix”. In honor of the very mythical bird that has the gift to self-destruct and be reborn. This electric car has already set a world record for machines created from recycled materials.

BMW electric car “The Phoenix” consists of 90% recycled components of other cars, so the cost of its construction amounted to only $13000 (it’s twice cheaper than the cheapest Tesla model). It can travel on a single charge battery is 1600 km, which is a quarter higher than the previous record for cars with electric propulsion.

The Phoenix will arrive very soon, if it happens at all. The purpose of its creation is different – BMW wishes to occupy a dominant position in the industry hybrid recycling. Primarily on the recycling activities of e-waste as the fastest growing type of waste in the world. After all, the potential of this business is enormous, but investors want to see a specific example.

Perhaps mankind does not really need “cars out of junk”, but it is vital to learn how to extract maximum resources from electronic waste. Because to get rare materials are harder to disassemble and recycle the battery in order to obtain Nickel and cobalt, is not so difficult as yesterday. And Phoenix from BMW shows that this is only the beginning.

Source — The Sun

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