NABU said, what I suspect Trukhanov

Gennady Trukhanov (photos truhanov.od.ua)

In the NEB confirmed that reported the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov on suspicion in assignment and waste of property. About it reports a press-service of the Bureau.

According to the report, criminal proceedings opened under part 5 article 191 (Assignment, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position) the criminal code.

Also reported suspicions three more officials of the city hall: Deputy mayor, Director of Department of municipal property and the Chairman of the constant Commission on questions of municipal property of the Odessa city Council, said NABU.

“Procedural action is made in accordance with article 278, article 135 of the code of criminal procedure (because the whereabouts of these individuals is not currently installed) in the investigation of criminal proceedings on the fact of appropriation of funds of the local budget of Odessa”, – stated in the message.

NABU said that now the place where the suspects are. In their absence, will decide about the announcement in search.

In addition, during today’s investigation in the same criminal proceedings arrested three more people (one officer of the Odessa city Council and two individuals-executives), said NABU.

Even one person, the appraiser is notified of suspicion in committing a crime under CH 5 of article 191, article 365-2 of the criminal code.

The Bureau emphasized that the resolution on carrying out searches at the Odessa officials detectives NAB received on 18 and 19 December 2017. However 19-20 December 2017, three city Council officials went abroad and since then did not return. In early January of 2018 went abroad and Chairman of the standing Committee of the city Council, said NABU.

All such persons, according to the investigation, involved in the scheme causing losses to the local budget of Odessa.

So, in September 2016 the Odessa city Council purchased the building, formerly part of the integral property complex of state enterprise Plant “region”, over 185 million UAH from the private structures, which at the beginning of 2016, she purchased this set at an auction organized by the liquidator of the company for 11.5 million UAH.

Received from the city funds, the firm-seller tried to list companies with signs of fictitiousness, the head of which is now in the zone of the ATO, said the Bureau.

“However, the detectives NAB and prosecutors SAP prevented this attempt of legalization and has achieved arrest of accounts of a private company-the seller of the building. Since there is recurrent attempts to remove the arrest from the accounts, including by the sudden change of contract in January 2018,” the report says.

In the NAB said that in October-December 2017, one of the deputies of Odessa regional Council, which, according to the investigators, is the beneficial owner of the vendor of the mentioned building, together with another person invited the officer NABS illegal benefit in the amount of 500 thousand dollars in exchange for removal of arrest from the accounts of the company.

The Deputy and his accomplice January 12, 2018, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine reported on suspicion of committing a crime under part 3 of article 369 (the Offer, promise or giving undue advantage to an official) of the criminal code.

Earlier local media reported that the staff of the NEB brought into the municipality from five notifications of suspicion. In addition to the Trukhanov, according to journalists, the defendants in the “case Crane” became his Deputy Paul Vogelman, Director of Department of municipal property Alex Spektor, head of the Commission of the Council on questions of municipal ownership Vasily Skraby and another city hall official, whose name is still unknown.

January 12, NABOO has announced the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Oleg Babenko and his possible accomplice suspicion. These two, according to the Bureau, suggested that the employee NABS a bribe of $500 thousand for removal of arrest from accounts of the enterprise, which may be involved in the corruption scheme of embezzlement of budget funds of Odessa, the proceeds from the sale of the city hall building at inflated prices.

In the GPU later stated that the defendant fled from law enforcement abroad.

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