Metropolitan land Zhukov island return to the community

Metropolitan land Zhukov island return to the community

HCP continues through the courts to seize illegally occupied areas


In February 2016, the Prosecutor’s office seized 105 hectares of land in the territory of the landscape reserve “Zhukov Island” cooperative “Harcamalar” in favor of the community of Kiev.

But part of this land (1.5 hectares) have been made mentioned by the op in the authorized capital of private companies, then – given to a physical person and resold.

11 Oct Goloseevsky regional court of Kiev made the decision and this site to return the property of the community of Kiev.

This reports the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“Some persons for the purpose of illegal appropriation of land of the territorial community of Kiev were illegally created cooperatives, which under law have the right to receive free land plots for housing construction. Subsequently, after obtaining the status of the cooperative, such legal entity on the basis of decisions of bodies of local self-government were provided free of charge attractive land plots”, – describe the scheme of the takeover of land reserve in Genprokurature.

In February 2016 by the decision of Economic court of Kiev upheld by the court of appeals satisfied the claim of Prosecutor General’s office and invalidated the decision of city Council on the donation of merchant cooperative housing cooperative “Archemashvili” ownership and use of land with a total area of over 105 ha.

The cost of the above site by a standard monetary assessment is almost 167 million UAH. Was also declared invalid the state acts on the land, the cooperative was deprived of the rights of ownership of the land.

However, part of the land plot of 1.5 hectares was made mentioned by the op in the authorized Fund of the company, they were donated to a natural person and, in turn, suspended to another person.

In February 2017, the state office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine has filed a claim for the recovery of illegal possession of individuals of this land.

11 October 2017 by the decision of Goloseevskiy district court of Kyiv the Prosecutor’s claims are satisfied in full, and the land rights of local communities restored.

Recall that in 2007, the city Council took the controversial decision to eliminate reserve “Zhukov island”, with an area cut from 1630 ha to 196 ha. so Withdrawn lands were distributed under the project.

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