Mei wants to impose government control over the Internet

Theresa may (photo – EPA)

Prime Minister Theresa may wants to introduce rules that agree to be government regulation and control over the Internet. This writes the Independent.

Based on the respective government’s Manifesto, the innovation provides for significant changes in the British segment of the global network.

The control objective is global leadership in Britain “to regulate the use of personal data and the Internet,” reads the document.

The government notes that it will work even more hard, to deny terrorists “safe space to communicate”.

Today the intelligence services of Britain can read the messages of terrorists thanks to a special technology, however this weakens the security of the communication of all other citizens.

The British government seems a radical change in how social networks work and the Internet company, according to the journalists.

The new rules will also include laws that impede access to pornographic and other web sites. The government can set restrictions on viewing adult content.

18 may it was reportedthat one of the main promises of the election Manifesto of the Conservative party in the UK will be further measures to curb immigration.

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