Media published the record of the Cuban “acoustic attack” on the U.S. diplomats

Media published the record of the Cuban “acoustic attack” on the U.S. diplomats

On record includes the sounds from more than 20 different frequencies


The Associated Press has posted online the audio recording of the so-called “acoustic attack”, which was taken by the authorities of Cuba against American diplomats. About it reports RBC-Ukraine.

On the recording heard high-frequency sounds which, according to the Associated Press, resemble the sound of crickets. At the same time some sounds have different shades that resemble “scratching nails down a chalkboard”.

Affected by acoustic attack diplomats confirmed that they had heard these sounds in Cuba.

According to the analysis, the record contains hints of more than 20 different frequencies, and the sounds themselves are generated by pulses of different lengths. At the moment the source of the sounds is unknown. While it is also unclear whether there is a relationship between these sounds and diseases of the diplomats.

Recall that in early August, the media reported that several employees of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba was made “acoustic attack”.

At least 21 American diplomat and their family members have suffered as a result of incidents that began in November 2016. We are talking about dizziness, symptoms similar to a concussion, and even hearing loss.

Some of the victims have long-term symptoms, and at least in one case, a man lost hearing.

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