Macron wants recognition baguette UNESCO world heritage site

The President of France Emmanuel macron proposes a baguette in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. It is reported dpa.

According to Macron, a baguette, Golden and crisp – the envy of the world.

“We must maintain the superiority of baguette and our ability to do it, so it must be included in the world heritage list. Baguette – a part of daily life in France, and here he has a special story. I know our bakers – they saw the success of the recognition by UNESCO of Neapolitan pizza, and they ask, why not a baguette. And they’re right,” he said.

In December last year, the Neapolitan pizza recognized intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. In the organization recognized that the process of its preparation is an art and culinary experience, consisting of four different phases.

Before considering to UNESCO two million Italians signed a petition for the recognition of the pizza world heritage site.

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