LG introduces flexible 65-inch OLED TV that can be rolled into a tube

Fully expanded display

In 2014, LG introduced at CES, the world’s first flexible OLED TV. Its users have got the ability to control the angle of curvature of the display using the remote control. But the price of these televisions were unaffordable for the mass market, so the engineers LG decided to develop something more affordable. As a result, the light appeared TV, which is in the “stowed” position, you can literally fold into a tube.

This is not the first flexible OLED display. In 2010, Sony has introduced its 18-inch prototype, but since then, LG has certainly surpassed its Japanese rival, presenting at CES last year, two similar but more advanced innovations. This year visitors to the exhibition in Las Vegas will be able to see the 88-inch OLED display with a resolution of 8K and flexible 65-inch 4K display that you can roll during a move.

Partial scan

The screen can also partially unroll — for example, for calendar display, weather information or as a music player. However, while the serial production of these wonders of electronics out of the question. But this year under the brand name of LG Electronics in the sale will be a series of advanced UHD LCD TVs with diagonals of 55 and 75 inches. They will receive support 4K Cinema HDR, ThinQ AI, webOS, Google Assistant and Alexa. It is expected that the price will be announced in the next few months.

65-inch Super 65SK9500 UHD LCD TV from LGИсточник — LG Display

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