Lavrov reacted to the destruction by the Americans, the su-22 air force Syrian

Sergey Lavrov (photo – EPA)

Reacting to the destruction by the Americans of Syrian su-22 , the Kremlin said that the United States “needs” to coordinate any actions with the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad. Such considerations was expressed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, reports the Pro-Kremlin resource TASS.
“As for what is happening “on the ground” in Syria, we believe that it is necessary to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity in Syria… Therefore, any actions on the ground, and there are many participants, including participants who carry out military actions must be coordinated with Damascus”, – he said.
The Russian foreign Minister assured that all their initiatives Moscow “agrees with the position of” his henchmen in Damascus.
“We believe that everyone should act as well, especially when we are talking about the occupation of some areas in Syria, including areas that can cause issues from the point of view of the true intentions of those who such seizures shall… Invite all of you to avoid unilateral actions,” he said, urging Washington to “coordinate” actions.
A week earlier, Lavrov has urged the US “to prevent new US attacks on Pro-government forces in Syria.”

May 4, 2017 Turkey, which supports to some extent the Syrian rebels and Iran supporting Assad, agreed to the offer of Moscow about creation in Syria of “zones of de-escalation”. The Memorandum provides for establishing four “areas of de-escalation” in different parts of Syria. The UN welcomed this initiative, the US has treated it with skepticism. Postantsy rejected this idea.
On the evening of June 18 fighter-bomber U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet immediately shot down su-22 the Syrian regime after the Syrian air force struck blow to the armed opposition near Tabka in raqqa province. Damascus said it downed the aircraft allegedly bombed the militants of the terrorist organization Islamic state.
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