Lamps-Clarkson clouds began to fly for real

Down the wire – it comes in magnetic levitation! Brooklyn-based designer Richard Clarkson has released a model “Floating Cloud”, which is more than all the previous similar to a real cloud. Except that the rain splatters and the room not turning, it’s all the same lamp, not a toy.

In 2014, the designer showed “an interactive thundercloud” accessory for the premises in the form of piles of clouds. He was realistic rumble, and illuminated from within by light “lightning”, had the motion sensors to scare the guests or delight hosts an unexpected effect. Plus Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music and the function of the light source.

Created multiple versions of the cloud, but they all got their energy from the outside and the presence of wires ruined the illusion. Therefore, the following fundamental model, “Making Weather”, used the principle of magnetic levitation to float in the air. Already much better, but something is missing to complete the image. It was implemented in a new model of “Floating Cloud”.

First, the designer kicked from the cloud dynamics – they’re too heavy and quickly drain the battery. Second, increased battery capacity-6000 mAh, and the altitude was brought to 70 mm above the base. Thirdly, the functionality of the lamp is now reduced only to four types of illumination, in response to voice and noise. In other words, nothing more.

The clouds themselves are hand-made, of hypoallergenic polyester fiber. Price bites – $4620 per item, because you buy a designer accessory, not a mass product. We can say that these flying clouds closer to the artwork than to the utilitarian design elements. And at the same time – a demonstration of modern technology.
Source — Clarkson Design

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