Kurtz wants to block the routes of refugees across the Mediterranean

Sebastian Kurz

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz will champion the idea of closing the routes of refugees across the Mediterranean to Europe. About it reports UKRINFORM.

“As long as we save lives at sea and to deliver them to Europe, more of them will choose this path, the smugglers will earn more and, worst of all, will sink more and more people,” he said.

He reminded that Austria has always advocated the establishment of reception centres for refugees outside of Europe to rescue the people “was not directly related to the ticket to Central Europe.”

The Minister recalled that he was criticised when it was about closing the Western Balkan route, but in the end was able to reduce 98% of the refugee influx this way, and after a few days the number of arrivals has declined from more than 50 thousand per day to less than one thousand.

According to him, the closure of the Western-Balkan route should serve as a model for other routes.

Kurz is convinced that the EU would finally agree with the position of Austria, and it will help to reduce the number of deaths.

“This requires political will and dramatic change in the system of refugee reception,” added Kurtz.

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