Japan and the UK will create the world’s best missile of class “air-air”

Japan and the UK for the first time have combined their efforts in developing the world’s best (in their opinion) of the missile of class “air-air”, which will exceed all existing analogues. As expected, it will be adopted at the end of the 2020-ies, in order to equip the fighter of the 5th generation F-35A.

Japan and Britain rightfully are among the leading military powers, which is certainly reinforced by the high level of scientific research and development. In particular, one of the recent achievements of Japan – medium-range missile AAM-4B class “air-air” with an advanced phased-array radar in the nose, which replaced the outdated samples.

Missiles AAM-4B is equipped with Japanese F-2 and F-15J. Given the large size of the missile it is necessary to mount on the external load even the F-35A, which is not the best way affects their stealth. Only Japan plans to purchase 42 F-35A.

To place the rocket inside of the fuselage, will have to work hard on its design. One of the options – equipment of the missile antenna with a phased antenna array (AFAR), which is already installed on the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35 and the Russian fighter 5th generation su-57.

Predecessors radar with AESA radars with mechanically rotating “plates” in comparison to them to occupy much more space, heavier in weight and, most importantly, responsive to the change of environment, which is very important in modern air combat.

Has a interesting design and the UK – Meteor, the world’s first solid-fuel missile of class “air-air” with ramjet engine to reach speeds up to Mach 4. In addition to the high speed it has another advantage – its compact size, making it fit in the compartment, the F-35.

Preliminary negotiations Japan and the UK on joint development of a new missile began in 2014. According to experts, each of the parties contributes to the creation of new weapons in the form of unique military technology, in bringing to light by the middle of 2018 might be his prototype.

Source — Popular Mechanics

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