It became known that Yak fraction often goloso for reformatory law

photo: PHL

March 1, 2017, 16:42
Top 10 narodnih deputativ scho golosujut for reformators, zakonoproekty, nails predstavnika the “popular front”

About TSE ydetsya have dozen VoxUkraine.

The top 10 included 7 predstavnik fracc “Narodniy front” and 3 predstavnika “Block Poroshenko”.

“Visok msca predstavnik can poyasnite disciplinarity fracc vastly serjoznih conflct mizh deputies”, – zaznachene have materal.

To perso sotn included only 5 deputatu. coals (PPB ) NF).

“Slist rezultatu the upper castin rating high, I propuskanija click Valevich golosovanie Mauger vaccinate the Deputy to be called a few more positions down show,” reads dozen.

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