Israel supported the idea of the Kurds about his state

Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: EPA)

Israel supports the desire of the Kurdish people to create their own national state. This was stated by Prime Minister of Israel , Benjamin Netanyahu, reports the Agency Bi-bi-si.

“Israel supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people for statehood”, – he said.

Israel is considering the ethnic group of Kurds, whose members live in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran, as a buffer in relations with the Arabs.

Netanyahu said that the Kurdistan workers ‘ party Israel deems a terrorist group, and in this sense, “Israel’s position coincides with the position of Turkey, the USA and the EU.”

Israeli Prime Minister talked about the support of Kurdish sovereignty in 2014. His current statements can be regarded as more concrete proof of Israel’s support of the establishment of the state of the Kurds, writes the source.

The Kurds are the creation of their own state since the end of the First world war and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

The independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan appointed on September 25. In Baghdad, insisting on its illegality. Iraq’s neighbors – Turkey, Iran and Syria also oppose a Kurdish referendum on sovereignty, fearing the growth of separatist sentiment among the Kurds living on its territory.

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