Iraq requires US to reverse the decision on Jerusalem

The foreign Minister of Iraq Ibrahim al-Jaafari (photo – EPA)

Iraq demanded that the United States reversed the decision on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Iraqi foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad and handed him a protest note. It is reported Reuters.

The Agency notes that Iraq is the only country in the middle East which has good relations with both the United States and Iran.

“We warn from the dangerous consequences of this decision for stability in the region and the world”, – reads the statement of the government of Iraq.

“The administration should reverse this decision to stop the dangerous escalation that will contribute to extremism and terrorism”, – is told in the message.

The Shiite leader in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani condemned the decision and called on the Ummah (the Muslim community – ed.) to unite their efforts and return to Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is occupied land which must revert to their Palestinian owners regardless of how much time this will take,” reads the statement of the Ayatollah.

Dozens of Iraqis protested against the decision in Baghdad. They promise more mass protests on the next day after Friday prayers.

Yesterday Donald trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The international community as a whole does not recognize the Israeli capital city, as his status shall be determined in peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. The latter also want to declare Jerusalem as its capital.

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