In St. Petersburg in camera to detainees to protest let the unknown gas

In St. Petersburg in camera to detainees to protest let the unknown gas

People suffocated


Detained in protests on June 12 in St. Petersburg, said that in the 33rd police station where they spent the night in the chamber allowed gas.

It is reported by the human rights media project “OVD-info” reports Meduza.

To the editorial office by representatives of the headquarters of the opposition politician Alexei Navalny in St. Petersburg were transferred to the audio recordings on which the gas tell the two witnesses. Even two eyewitnesses said about the gas directly to the “OVD-info”.

According to witnesses, the police launched a gas in the chamber, which contained “violent” detainee taken to the police not to rally on 12 June.

“By doing this, the police clearly thought about how the ventilation works in their Department: gas spread to other cells”, – said one of the witnesses, who requested anonymity.

Another witness, also refused to disclose his name, said that in the cell where he spent the night, was asthmatic, from which the gas was bad.

Another witness Oleg Nabatov — told the “OVD-info”, “We all choke. I at some point realized that I just can’t breathe.”

The police and an ambulance arrived. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, its called the detainee, who managed to smuggle in a camera phone. The doctors, the eyewitnesses, said that “it is necessary to bring the ten “fast”, what are you doing, here it is impossible to breathe,” checked his pulse and left.”

Later, the police still brought the detainees from the cells to the Assembly hall in the basement.

“There was a very dusty chairs and couches, on which it was impossible to lie, because they are ribbed, and we mostly spent the night on the chairs and slept,” — said one of the witnesses.

Assumptions about what kind of gas was sprayed at the police station, “OVD-info” does not advance.

One of the witnesses suggested that was used pepper gas.

“The girls who were with me began to knock, and asked that we brought and helped us. The policeman opened — closed us. Said: “Sit on.” I have realized that, probably, all, I die, die because I’m trying to breathe but can’t. I’m breathing in, and the gas enters down my throat and I choke even more,” he said.

Unauthorized protest rally in St. Petersburg on June 12 was arrested, according to “OVD-info”, 658 people, 247 of them had been in the police a night or two.

We will remind, in Russian cities to protest on June 12 arrested more than 1.5 thousand people.

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