In Portugal, during the terrible forest fire 12 people were saved in the water tank



Portugal, 18 June 2017




Portugal, 19 Jun 2017

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Twelve people were able to survive during one of the deadliest forest fires in Portugal, escaping the storage tank water. A dozen people sat in the tank since the fire cut a path to salvation from their village.

Among the miracle survivors was 85-year-old woman with a disability, reports the BBC , citing Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã. “If not for that (the water tank. – Approx. NEWSru.com), we’d all be dead” – said one of the survivors.

Maria to seu Silva, who used the water tank in your house to save the villagers, Nocerino now had the reputation of a hero. This town is located just off the IC8, strongly affected by a forest fire.

According to the woman, the idea of using the tank came to her when she tried to save his 85-year-old mother of a disabled. “My husband told me to put it in a container, but she couldn’t stand up on their own, so she said to me, “Let me die on the floor” Maria said to the newspaper. But the son of Silva helped her to move the grandmother into the water tank. Sent to the 81-year-old father of the woman.

According to Silva, the wind at this time was so strong that it tore roofs of houses. “It was like a horror movie” she confessed.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail publishes a video shot from a drone at the scene. The record shows at least 12 burnt cars trapped in a fire trap.

Fires broke out in Portugal on Saturday, June 17, in a mountainous area 200 km North-East of Lisbon. The reason natural disasters are called lightning. That day the temperature in some areas exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Although Monday was the rain, the authorities continue to call the situation alarming.

It was reported that the number of deaths during the fires has reached 62 people. Some of the victims tried to flee in cars and burned directly in cars. According to Rostourism, Russians among victims and victims during a fire no.

Despite this, EMERCOM of Russia has offered Portugal help in the fight against forest fires, reports “Interfax”. The head of Department Vladimir Puchkov was sent to the Minister of internal administration of the Republic of Constanta Urbano de Sousa condolences and proposals. “On behalf of the EMERCOM of Russia expressed condolences in connection with wildfires that occurred in Portugal. Forces and means of EMERCOM of Russia is ready to assist in fighting wildfires,” – quoted the text of the document in a press-service Ministry of emergency situations.

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