In Odes opponents of the gay parade razgromili budmaydan

13 August, 2017, 18:24
After, Yak opponents of the gay parade in Odes zrozumilo scho Sruti LGBT March not udastsja, the stench popemobile on scandline new construction to Vorontsovskogo provoke

About TSE powderly UKRINFORM.

Spochatku activty sruli stand W description budovy, Yak svadjati. Potim be called a few more people saltly on the latest pobutovoi over I threw SVT economic. Takozh CCB povoleni agoragalerij parkan.

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There budownictwa znahoditsya koronach, however VIN is not trochosa.

  • Scandalously dome new construction at Vorontsovskoye provoke odesi zagrozu famous “raw z odnu stew”.
  • 13 August in Odes proykov “March revnost”. Polca vjul, scho pid hour March LGBT poruseni order no shave.

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