In nternati poblano parenting, yaki toil live batkiv

In Ukraine zrosla number of kids, that potrapila to nternati when nayavnost Bologna batkiv

About TSE powderly Radio Liberty.

Zgidno s porwnania difference, year 2000 60% of kids have nternati Mali batkiv, 2016-mu – 92%.

Yak powdery in is dityachogo of the Ombudsman, if in 2000 year for kids in Ukraine Bulo mayzhe 11 mllions and nternati h number Bulo mensen – 99 thousand (40% – siroty), then the 2016 General chiseling kids of smencils to 7 milionw, ale wherein kids in nternati nalcomis 106 thousand (8% – siroty).

NIN in Ukraine dіє 751 internatna clamping position. Yak podomys of upovnovazheni of the President of Ukraine s rights, ditini Mykola Kuleba, from such zakladu power Hoca vdevices in God reformuvannya system nstituting hotel I [parenting, parenting dwellers vyhovovat have children adobes semeinogo type that priyomny homeland.

  • For today in Ukraine functio, about thousands budynku semeinogo type, 150 W yakih nadan power.

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