In Mexico, a farmer was killed after a fight with a pig, biting off his fingers and penis


In Mexico, the farmer got a good chance to become a winner of the Darwin award (albeit posthumously) after he died after a fight with a pig

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In Mexico, the farmer got a good chance of being the winner of the Darwin award after he died after a fight with a pig. The man has fulfilled both the conditions to receive the award – and lost ability to have children, and life, media reported.

The incident occurred in the Mexican town of San Lucas ojitlan in the state of Oaxaca in the South-West of the country. 60-year-old local resident named Miguel Anaya Pablo came home drunk and got into a fight with my pig.

During the battle the advantage was on the side of the piggy – animal bit off his messed-owner of the three fingers of the right hand and the penis, the newspaper reports The Mirror.

Neighbors found the unfortunate in a pool of blood and called an ambulance, which took him to the hospital. Some time later, the victim died. According to doctors, the wounds from the bites became infected. Attempts by doctors to prevent its spread were not successful. For a more accurate establishment of the causes of death of men assigned to the autopsy.

In parallel, conducted a forensic examination. Causes of sudden conflict between man and pig is not installed.

According to the newspaper El Debate, a tragic event occurred on 2 June. The death of a Mexican came in two days.

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