In Latvia are afraid of provocations against NATO military

Photo: EPA

In Latvia, the possible provocations against the multinational NATO battalion. About it reports Delfi with reference to the commander of the National armed forces (NAF), Leonid Kalnins.

“In this regard, an FTA with all participating in the battalion countries spoke about the need to be ready for provocations and the responses to them must be calm. This issue was discussed also by the soldiers”, – stated in the message.

Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis said that fears of provocations there is reason, judging by the experience of Lithuania, where NATO troops have already arrived.

Kalnins noted that the contact members of the platoon with local residents will be extensive, because they need to go outside the base.

The commander of the NAF noted that the last major military exercise incidents were relatively few, and the army has agreed with the residents about compensation.

He recalled that the battalion under the leadership of Canada will stay in Latvia at least three years, and its population will not significantly change. Most of the time soldiers will be devoted to field training and on the ground in Adazi, and other regions of Latvia.

Currently, the infrastructure for hosting NATO allies are not yet fully ready, but the plan is running ahead of schedule, so at the end of August, all soldiers will sleep in the barracks and will be provided with all necessary infrastructure for equipment and training.

The barracks is home to more than 50% located in Latvia NATO soldiers.

Speaking about Russia’s reaction to the deployment of NATO forces, Kalnins said that she is not very happy, but in Latvia only posted a small unit of the Alliance, “our activity is absolutely transparent and focused only on defense.”

On 11 June it was reportedthat in the port of Riga has arrived and military equipment of the Spanish army for a multinational NATO battalion.

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