In Japan have created a drug that cures the flu in 24 hours

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Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co. announced that is preparing to release a drug that can destroy the flu virus in the body for 24 hours. The most effective modern drugs available commercially, it requires about 72 hours. Reports on the development of the online edition of Naked Science with reference to the portal ScienceAlert.

A new drug called poloxamer marbocyl (baloxavir marboxil). According to the creators the tools to fight against viruses patient enough just one dose of the drug. This distinguishes it from other flu medicine: for example, the recommended course of oseltamivir (common trade name “Tamiflu”) lasts five days, the patient takes two doses a day. It is not only a question of patient comfort: it is known that an incomplete course of medication can contribute to the development of resistance of the virus to the drug.

Balaclavas marbocyl belongs to the class of inhibitors of endonuclease: it inhibits the activity of endonuclease proteins that helps viruses multiply in the cells of the body. Influenza viruses multiply by using the “theft” of caps – structures composed of RNA of the cell. Help endonucleases “cut off” part of the cellular RNA, based on “stolen” the structure of the virus begins to reproduce. If you block the activity of these proteins, the cell becomes more resistant to the virus.

In January of 2018, completed the third phase of clinical trials of a new drug on volunteers suffering from flu. Tests showed that the flu-like symptoms persisted in patients, about the same as in the treatment of other modern drugs. However, according to representatives of Shionogi & Co. their remedy had destroyed the virus much faster – it reduces the period during which the patient remains infectious. Oseltamivir was destroyed by the flu for 72 hours, and patients taking a placebo, cope with the disease on average for 96 hours.

According to the newspaper the Asahi Shimbun, Ministry of health, labour and welfare of Japan has approved the release of the drug in early February of 2018. The manufacturer is waiting for the official permission in March. If the Ministry will issue a permit, the first batch of the drug is scheduled to release in may 2018. To draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the drug under “field conditions” will in the winter of 2019. Will it be sold in other countries, is still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that Australian scientists have invented a test that can determine a patient with the flu will develop into smertelnaya complication, such as pneumonia.

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