In Britain in the photography contest won the lone atom in the ion trap

KIEV. 14 Feb. UNN. The Council on engineering and physical Sciences, UK (EPSRC) has named the winner of the national contest of scientific photography became a graduate student at Oxford University, David Neidlinger for the “One atom in an ion trap”, which shows a single atom of strontium. The results of the contest posted on the page EPSRC, reports UNN.

The photograph of the “Single atom in an ion trap” can be seen almost motionless atom of strontium in the magnetic field created by two electrodes. The distance between electrodes of about two millimeters. The picture was taken through a window in a vacuum chamber in which the ion trap.

“The atom is illuminated by blue-violet laser beam, absorbs and emits enough light that a conventional camera could capture it on a long exposure”, — explained in EPSRC.

We will remind, earlier from the images of the Curiosity Rover, which showed the route over the past five years, NASA experts have created a panoramic video of the red planet.

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