Ilya KVASHA: “Cool, when children are waiting for you to touch”

Saturday. Kiev. Illya KVASHA and Oleg KOLODIY. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”


from sports Center “Liko”

In an interview with “SE” the leader of the Ukrainian national team summed up the home of the European championship, praised a new partner for synchrono Oleg Kolodiy and told who devotes medals won in Kiev.

– After winning the meter you said you felt a very strong power. Act on the three-meter springboard with a gold medal in his pocket was already easier?

At least, I felt already more relaxed compared to the meter, the jitters are gone. Was only adrenaline, but it’s good, worse when it is not.

In qualifying, however, physically it was a little hard to jump in because gathered more than thirty participants. But in General the mood was militant. I understand that there is a chance to win another medal.

– When did you learn that floating outside of the finale left two of the favorites is Evgeny Kuznetsov and Patrick Hausding?

– In the preliminary competition, I jumped at the beginning, under the seventh starting number, and as soon as he made his last jump, immediately went to change. Then, I think it will, look who got to the finals. I, of course, was a shock when I saw among the twelve finalists names Kuznetsova and Hausding.

This is what our sport is bright, colorful and unpredictable. Sometimes even the strongest fall in the finals at the Olympics in Rio. To predict the outcome.

– And at what point did you realize that on the podium in the individual to the top three won’t be the only representative of Ukraine?

– During the competition I never look at the scoreboard. Some athletes, you know, look, and even begin to consider how much they need to jump in the next round. My opinion, it is better not to do, focus is lost. I try to jump in pleasure, and then the final result will show. So, on the scoreboard I looked, just after his last jump. Then I saw that behind me in second place deck. And since there was only one participant Ilya Zakharov, I understand that Ukraine today is a double celebration. I’m very happy for Oleg. It makes a great jump and today he managed to show it.

– After the jump “four and a half turns forward in the group” you were very emotional, even a little towel “get it”. Although a failure, it seems to be not called.

– I made this jump by 7.5-8 points, and could do 8.5-9. That’s because of this little upset. But quickly pulled myself together because I realized that you can not retreat, we need to forget about this jump and it is good to fulfill the remaining two.

– 484,30 is your best result of the season in international competitions. But you’ve got more than 500 at the may championship of Ukraine in Kiev. Due to what?

Here I have a little greased the fourth jump, as I have said, and the sixth did not on 9, and 7.5 – 8. As a consequence of lost points twenty, with them just it would be in the region of 500.

However, your “favorite” jump “two and a half back dive, pike” came out in the final, probably one of the best options?

– Yes, it was the best performance in recent times. Listen to the coach, gathered – and it worked. When a couple deviations saw was so nice!

– To fight for the first place with Ilya Zakharov, you need its better to do those jumps that you have in the program or still need to increase the rate of complications?

– Ideally, both, but, in principle, can compete with my current program, just to make everyone is jumping on nine points.

– At the Moscow stage of World series -2014 personal record 530,35 you typed with the same set of jumps as in the European championship in Kiev?

– Then I had a spiral jump, which was worth two tenths more. But I am here for “three and a half forward” scored more than eighty points. This in principle is enough. Then I was in the area 83. That is, the difference is small. Cleaner you just have to jump the whole program, then you can win the fight.

– On your first successful European Championships in Eindhoven in 2008 the organizers offered to the athletes to do the inscriptions on the medals. On the gold you have won on the meter, you are asked to write: “my first medal”, but the engraved silver with a three-meter springboard not enough time. What words would you like to see on the awards won after nine years in the same kind of program in Kiev?

– Thank you family and God for support and helped to win medals at home Championships.

– You established the correctness of his decision to remain in sports and to prepare for the next Olympics?

– Time will tell. I have a desire. Most importantly, healthy enough and was not injured. Left a couple of seasons – and Tokyo. Time flies very quickly.

– By the way, at the expense of health, the fans in the stands worried, why are you all in clans?

– This course is. (Laughs). Actually there is a small problem, and I thus helps them to solve our Dr. Oksana Sergeevna, Shebetenko. She is always ready to help, for which many thanks to her. Parlapanova I went because adaptation to new jumps and started aching muscles. In order to put them in the correct position when jumping, they were glued clans.

In synchronous jumps from a springboard where your couple first places were separated by some hundredths, you have won the silver or still lost gold as you think?

Is this the case when the appetite comes during eating. When we went to the start, I just wanted to compete, and there is already a card will fall. We understand that we have strong rivals – the teams of Russia and Germany. Plus the British – though they are young, but also already quite competitive, as you can see. Of course, when after the last jump, we looked at the scoreboard and saw we just a little short of gold, I realized that, in principle, could. But we are very pleased and silver, because we jump together just over a month, we have during this time was only fifteen training and only one competition – the championship of Ukraine. And there we were not very successful.

– Where, do you think you could scrape up the missing of 0.75?

Now, evaluating its performance in General, understand that a cleaner could make the third jump, a little better than a mandatory program. Everywhere little by little- and would be a victory. But in any case, I think the debut was bright, the struggle is interesting, and the result is worthy.

– What difficulties did you face when you started to train synchronous with Oleg Caladium?

– If you notice, the individual’s Oleg jumps from the classic run, and I use German technology with the small jump before you approach the edge. We started at a quick pace to try different options. Oleg is quickly learned and picked up my equipment. Although in reality it is very difficult in the individual to speak in one swoop, and in sync with the other. But he did great, handled well and I was out there somewhere were side by side. (Smiles).

– His first medal at the European championship in sync you won in Turin in 2009. How much has it changed in terms of complexity and competition since then?

– Added some more countries. In 2009, for example, there was steam from the UK, Switzerland and Poland. In Europe the diving is developing, there are new strong athletes and compete for medals gets harder but more interesting.

– To sum up what happened for you home European championship?

– I have one gold and two silver medals. I think it’s a worthy performance and it is very important that this performance happened at home. You saw how many spectators. On the one hand, very cool when you are so supportive, but it’s a little pushing it because you have no margin for error. Hundreds of people sit in the stands and millions are on the other side of the screen, did not want to upset.

But in General, to promote the diving is very cool. You know, when after the event you see the burning eyes of the children when they are waiting for you only to touch, say Hello or take a picture – it’s cool. And then when they say that we, too, want to jump, even better! I am sure that after the championship the number of children involved in our pool will grow significantly and we will be proud after some time to look at them and rejoice in their victories already.

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