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Discarding clear emptiness, we note that without the chance to perform at the 2018 world Cup still have an entire cohort of respected football powers. It should be, in my opinion, included the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, Wales and Austria, Turkey and Scotland. This is in addition to the Slovaks caught the odd one out among the ninth “Staromestska”.

But, not consolation’s sake, try to divert the reader from a purely gaming reasons that prevented the team of Andrey Shevchenko to decide the tournament challenge. Among other things, did not cease talking, say, and hit yellow and blue at the final round, the government would advise them back to the North-Eastern neighbor with his aggressive policies – is simply not to go.

First, no one would charge that the decision would be taken that way. Secondly, the refusal of Ukraine would be a true move only in the case of solidarity from the key players of the European Union. In one case, if not joked the Vice-speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroid, saying the material to dt.ua that “we are fighting for freedom, and accordingly the law with terrorists tractor for reintegration”, then our team could be in the world Cup to participate. Even contrary to public opinion. In another, I will refer to CEM Özdemir, the leader German “Green”, of which Angela Merkel is ready to call the coalition. During the election debate he said that “Russia is turning into an open prison”. And that Germany will refrain from hope to defend their title of world Champions? Funny…

That means in team sports to the right of the organizer of the largest forum, but in the end not being able to hold Ukraine knows firsthand. Remember the situation with the men’s Eurobasket 2015. However, then and now, we are a party, in a sense, the victim. Or rather, forced to seek out of money on defense, and sacrificing many social projects. Hence our withdrawal. Quite a different story when a state all necessary resource has, but against it are economic sanctions until the United States. Although, I’m sorry about the result, no sanctions, you say, if nearly a dozen Russian cities at all prepared to reveal the scene of world football championship?

Will there be any changes in emphasis in the coming year – also a controversial topic. Yes, Radio “Liberty” reported that the European Bank for reconstruction and development will soon close five of its offices (including, it involves such host cities as Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don and Samara). However, the Bank’s branches in St. Petersburg and Moscow will continue, therefore, investments will not disappear.

…Nearly a half-century ago in my school in Kurenevka English teacher Fania M. Dubicki repeated many times: “the Most important part of any dictionary – the head of the one who uses it”. Saying that FIFA, giving preference to the request of the RFU, was aware of and claim. However, this vote was held for more than three years prior to the annexation of Crimea. Kind of like an alibi? Personally, I would argue – but what’s the point again of having a hurdy-gurdy, which is a well-known song on poems by Victor Pelenyagre “about something regrets, sad, and aging.” Our players in any deferred their ambitions until at least Euro 2020.

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