Hungary put forward a condition for the unlocking of the Commission Ukraine-NATO

Peter Siarto (photo – kormany.hu)

Hungary continues to block Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine as long as Ukraine will not abandon the implementation of the law on education, which, according to the Hungarian side, should be preceded by harmonization of the law with national minorities. This at a press conference in Budapest, Minister of foreign Affairs and trade of Hungary Peter Siarto.

“That Hungary withdrew its veto (of the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO – ed.), Ukraine should be in accordance with the expectations of the Venice Commission and the European Union to refrain from beginning the implementation of the law until, until you come to an agreement on every detail of the legislation with national minorities, including the Hungarian minority,” he said.

“If the Ukrainian government will issue a decree that it suspends the law up until the consultation is over, it will be a good basis for the negotiations for finding a hopeful solution to the situation,” – said Siyyarto.

He stressed that Hungary will not abandon its current policy in relation to Ukrainian law on education.

“Every country which works in close cooperation with NATO takes over and implements the annual program in the framework of this agreement, Ukraine undertook to respect the rights of minorities. If Ukraine is serious about closer ties with NATO and the European Union, it must meet these expectations”, – said the foreign Minister of Hungary.

According to him, reports that between Hungary and Ukraine have reached some agreement about the law, not true.

Szijjártó said that consultations between Transcarpathian Hungarians and the government of Ukraine may begin on Wednesday, February 14.

Earlier today NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO’s cooperation with Kyiv continues, in spite of the blockage on the part of Hungary’s Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. He expressed hope that Ukraine and Hungary will regulate the question of language training for representatives of national minorities, based on the conclusions of the Venice Commission.

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