Hroisman proposes to make “the City” base for low-cost airlines

Hroisman proposes to make “the City” base for low-cost airlines

To convert the airport plan for one year


Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman suggested to create a basic airport for low-cost airlines at the airport “Gostomel”, which now serves as base for the aircraft of Antonov. He said this during a special meeting on issues of development of air communication and negotiation process with low-cost carriers, the press service of the Cabinet.

The Prime Minister proposed to develop the project documentation development of the airport “Gostomel” determining the costs of all necessary works.

“Now we have to make a decision that will allow us to solve several issues, including the abolition of any monopoly in “Borispol”, attracting new airlines and lowering the cost of tickets for our passengers”, – said Groisman.

Following the meeting, the participants decided to continue the policy of actively involving lowcost to Ukraine, to work as a temporary solution to provide conditions for lowcost airports “Borispol” or “Kiev” (Juliani) for a period of one year, and during that time to turn “Hostomel ‘” in the airport for low-cost carriers.

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