How to beat Kovalev (VIDEO)

Andre Ward. Photo: Reuters

American boxer Andre ward defeated Russian Sergey Kovalev in a title fight rematch in Las Vegas – the fight ended in the eighth round by TKO.

After 7 rounds on one judges ‘ cards with the score 68-65 led Kovalev. The other two judges 67-66 lead ward. Anyway, this reflected the picture of the battlefield that have not been more simple for judging than the first fight.

Kovalev again started, at a high tempo and tried to control the opponent’s jab, more often than in the first fight included a right hand, but apparent success is not brought.

Moreover, ward somehow didn’t react to the missed beats, very few were worried about their own mistakes, because all the amount that he was planning to do, he did, plunging his fists to the elbow in case opponent. That was the plan. Kovalev is too good keeps hitting to hunt for the head… Kill the torso and the head itself will die.

It was impossible not to notice, but Kovalev somehow managed. He did not respond to these attacks. At first. Only gasped and doubled up in the second round, when ward was hit low in the zone. Referee Tony weeks had every right not to notice, as the elastic band boxer shorts Kovalev was high enough. Get in that corner and got back together. After a couple of rounds ward repeated the attack. Not to have the feeling that this was all he did, Andre is quite a controlled fight, counter-attacked, defended, hit counter jab, once changed the rack, turning into a Lefty – and got Kovalev in almost every thrown punch.

Kovalev continued to hunt for his head. Kovalev continued to press. Continued to push ward in the clinch. Grab his neck when he went down from the blows. And again hunted for his head. Tried several times to hit the body of ward, but to change the direction of attack would be open to the counterattack in the head so Kovalev didn’t often especially. And ward did the opposite. He beat the hull lot. He hit in the thigh and kidneys. In the stomach and the elastic band of cowards. When you work the body so much – one or two hits below the position can be considered a mathematical error. I’m not sure what ward had planned to hit below the belt. But he was aiming in the stomach Kovalev, he needed his liver, his intestines and fragments of ribs.

Ward was beaten in the head. For example, has been caught approaching them Kovalev left hook. Jeb. Fire intermittently on the right. But the focus of it was on the other. And it worked. For a round or two to stop Roy Jones, commenting on all of this team of observers HBO, I noticed that Kovalev exhaled. The strength of his left, and a back-up plan was gone. In the middle of the fight Andre ward somehow had one or two shots from Sergei, but immediately went ahead with the response series.

On the one hand, he was showing the judges who control the episode. On the other – were given to understand Kovalev that he should be careful what you wish for. In reality, it is also checked whether the effect of his tactics, “ready” if Kovalev or not. Boxers don’t have meat thermometer, so I think that ward just poked in Kovalev with a fork and watched will flow if pink juice. Juice flowed and continued to flow. Ward waited, and then made an incision…

I well remember the battle of the Zab Judah with Floyd Meyuezerom. Hitting below the belt and followed after him, the other on the head Floyd. He was not disqualified, even after the fight, held in a ring with teams from both boxers, the fight was continued. Remember the fight of Miguel Cotto with Judah when the Puerto Rican was unable to catch up with the Zab, and he hit below the belt and with such force that Judah writhed in pain at least a minute. And then repeated the blow, when the enemy stood. Cotto knocked out Judah in the end of the fight, when he probably could barely walk from the ringing pain in the groin.

Felix Trinidad was hitting below the belt quite often, in a General manner. To rival the tone is not lost. Fernando Vargas got from “Tito” a blow below the belt every time got a strong blow to the head. About the same Ricky Hatton acted with Kostya Tszyu. Roberto Duran was added to these shocks work with your elbows and head shots. The best of the best have always been able to get down and dirty. In the end, it’s just another tool to achieve the final goal. Andre ward of the tool. Kovalev – no.

And ward did in battle, he should be disqualified. It doesn’t look like mnogomernaya series Andrzej Golota in the groin Riddick Bowe. When ward felt another blow in the middle of the abdomen did Kovalev is soft, he turned his fire on his head. Right blow shook Kovalev. Then ward again hit on the body, in the region of the liver. Kovalev dropped her hands. Kovalev went to the ropes. Kovalev began to escape. Bending over, he tried to defend the case, and the final blow of ward, may, indeed already was smallish – but by the time Sergei was ready, and the referee had every reason to stop the fight. And Tony weeks stopped the fight turns into a beating.

Revenge was perhaps even more controversial than the first fight. All will long to see the repetition, but everyone will see them. Some of them – that ward fought dirty. Others that he was leading the tactical fight on your plan. Still others will blame the referee, convinced that Kovalev “leaked”. True each will have its own. And the title of champion is Andre ward. I do not like? Try to select.

Andrey BAZDREV, Sport-Express

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