How much does a real helicopter

It is no secret that the aircraft at the time was divided – albeit very tentatively – on aircraft and helicopters. And those and others for their own good and irreplaceable. Of course, the “specific weight” of the aircraft in aviation disproportionately: they fly faster, carry more cargo and passengers, and funds in their development and manufacture are invested much more.

“Small but precious” — this is about the helicopter. Yeah, he’s not as quick or as strong in terms of load capacity but, due to the unique ability to take off and land vertically, it does not need airfields. It easily dispenses a smooth area (including on the roof of the ship and the deck) slightly larger than the diameter of the rotor.

If necessary, the helicopter can hover in the air, “back”, to carry on the external sling important cargo and even “work” a flying crane.

However, every thing has its price, and when the opportunity came to buy rotorcraft in personal property, there arose a natural question: How much is the helicopter?

What is the price of the helicopter

Even the cheapest helicopter is very expensive. The bill of fare consists of many components. Before the machine will rise into the sky, it must first develop, build, and fly around. In addition, the final cost of the machine includes the cost of transportation, packing, insurance.

If the helicopter was purchased abroad, have to fork out for customs brokerage services, handling of cargo in customs area, the final Assembly after transport. Then have to make a flyby of the machine, to execute all necessary documents and certificates date. The highest expenditure is on duty – to 14.3% from the price for weight over 1000 kg.

How much are these Russian helicopters

Russia is one of the leading “helicopter” powers. Suffice it to say that the most mass in the world series-produced helicopter is our multi-purpose Mi-8. Only in 1965 was released more than 13 thousand cars. The average price of the Mi-8 is 10 million dollars.

In contrast, the veteran of Russian aviation, having a great track record, state of the art Ka-62 is related to the category of promising multipurpose helicopters. According to experts, its price is about 10 million dollars.

The Ansat — serial Russian helicopter developed in the late 90s. mainly Used as a flying “party” for the training of helicopter pilots of the Russian space forces. “Ansty” serve in the MOE and the Center for disaster medicine. The price of the device is about 4 million dollars.

For a long time in Russia has not produced light passenger vehicles, but in recent years there has been an encouraging reversal of this is certainly a promising direction.

The first “swallow” became “Micron” and “bottlenose Dolphin”. “Micron” is an ultralight helicopter weighing just 115 kg. If desired, it can be folded into a car trunk. It is expected that the price of the machine will be low. Price “Bottlenose dolphins” production company “Helical” — 150,000 dollars. Perhaps today it is the cheapest helicopter.

Robinson Helicopters

Meanwhile, the absolute majority of sold in Russia of small helicopters of foreign production. Undisputed leader among them is the American Robinson Helicopter Company, offering a wide range of four and double helicopters Robinson R44 at a price of 230000 to 770000 dollars.

Robinson R44

And yet the owner of the helicopter while you can become one. To buy the helicopter is only half the battle. To “air law” on the Robinson R44 will cost about 1.5 million rubles. No less is training on helicopters of other types.

Those who can not afford such costs, can still experience the joy of flight. In major Russian cities flying clubs offer to make a short sightseeing flight. Cheap the pleasure is hardly a 15-minute helicopter flight will cost about 3000 rubles.

  • What is the price of the helicopter
  • How much are Russian helicopters
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