Have CIV demontrate pamyatnik Shchors that the Arch Druzhbi Narodiv

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19 June, 2017, 16:00
Have CIV nalcosa 10 pam 18 pam’yatok I atna snakw, that palaghat dismantling zgidno iz law about decomentary

About TSE respown Director of the Ukrayinsky Institutu national memory Volodymyr at In atrophic, Pereda “Tyzhden”.

“For parajunkee the Institute, with the camp on 15 June 2017 rock CIV not demonomanie salecause 10 atnicg I pam 18 pam atna znaku” – said In atrophic.

Of in particular, the sculpture of the author of the novel “Yak Gurtovaya steel” Mykoly Ostrovskogo, Rudanskogo vijskovomu daca the Mikhail Kirponos, CNA statue Shchors I. the sculptural composition Cao brakepad “Taramani”.

Sered pam atna znakw dismantling palaghat baralt “Blowin 1918 roku” in Pecherskom rayon (the plant “Arsenal”), barelt Lennu the pumping station at the metro “Theatre”, and also pam atna doska menstru defense Andrew USSR Grechko.

  • Naprint of zimi from CIV lisalisa 29 Atiku pam TA pam atna znaku iz radyanskyi symbols, that palaghat dismantle respectively to the law about decomentary.
  • Vltk 2016 rock purshia patron’s head of Kiev city state administration Gennady PLIS stating scho pamyatnik Micol Shchors have stalic data currently not mozhut demontrate, after VIN je Ob ctom culture spadini.


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