Giant radio telescope FAST had made the first discovery

Giant radio telescope FAST had made the first discovery

He saw the pulsars at a distance of 4 100 and 16 000 light years from Earth


A year since the start of the Chinese 500-meter radio telescope FAST had made the first discovery, found two new pulsar. Pulsars were detected with a telescope in August, but it took some time for the radio telescope “parks”, located in Australia, was able to confirm the discovery. It is reported by Popular mechanics with a link to ScienceAlert.

According to the dominant astrophysical models, a pulsar is a rotating neutron star whose magnetic field is inclined to the axis of rotation – this causes modulation of the radiation reaching the Earth.

Discovered by telescope FAST pulsars were named FP1 and FP2. They do not stand out in size, speed or distance. So, FP1 rotates with a period of 1.83 seconds and is supposedly in 16 thousand light-years; rotation period of FP2 is 0.59 seconds, and the distance from Earth – approximately 4 100 light-years.

FAST is the largest radio telescope with a filled aperture. The effective diameter of the reflector is 300 metres away, while the previous “champion”, the Puerto Rican telescope, “Arecibo”, it is 221 meters. FAST started working in September 2016.

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