Germany wants to make Turkey in the list of dangerous for civil servants countries

Photo: EPA

The German government can make a Turkey to the list of countries visiting which involves a risk to German officials. Currently this list is under development, confirmed corresponding media reports interior Minister of Germany Thomas de maizière, reports Deutsche Welle. It is a “routine process” and “protection of the personnel of the German departments,” the Minister explained.

According to the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), as well as TV channels NDR and WDR, the Ministry is studying the possibility of introducing Turkey to the list of countries of “special security risk” carriers of state secrets, such as security personnel. Now there are about 30 countries including Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea, a media report said.

According to them, the possible introduction of Turkey in this category will have significant implications for the thousands of officials – for example, they may prohibit to go there on vacation. In addition, a marriage or a civil marriage with a Turkish citizen could, in this case the test to be classified as a risk factor indicate SZ, NDR and WDR.

Two days earlier, after the arrest of two German citizens in Turkey, the German foreign Ministry warned Germans of the danger of traveling to this country. “It can happen to anyone who decides to go to Turkey. It was a sad reality that we face,” said Agency spokesman Martin Schaefer.

At the same time, the German foreign Ministry still does not prompt the Germans to completely abandon trips to Turkey. “We will not allow ourselves to sacrifice political objectives recommendations about the tour,” said Schaefer.

August 31, Turkish police detained at Antalya airport a couple of German citizens of Turkish origin. After interrogation the woman was released, her husband remains in custody. The investigation in respect of both spouses continues, the case was transferred to the Prosecutor. According to the Turkish state Anadolu Agency, they are suspected of having links with the radical movement of the preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of terrorism and the organization of the attempted coup in July 2016.

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