Germany fears new wave of refugees

Germany fears new wave of refugees

In the European Union are going to distribute migrants to EU countries according to the “family ties”


The government of Germany is concerned about the possibility that due to new regulations for the granting of asylum in the EU Germany will have to accept far more refugees. About it reports Deutsche Welle.

As writes on Saturday, January 13, magazine Der Spiegel, the concern of Berlin is due to the intention of the European Parliament to make changes in the profile of the Dublin agreement.

Now the question of asylum consider the immigration of the country where migrants first applied for asylum or for the first time crossed the border of the EU.

After making changes to the Dublin agreement to address this issue, in certain circumstances, be a country where there are living relatives of the asylum-seeker.

Accordingly, Germany would have to accept far more refugees, says the report of the Federal Ministry of the interior.

In turn, the upper limit on the admission of refugees, established by the authorities, “frustrated”. Moreover, in the European Parliament propose to define the relationship “just verbal confirmation.”

The interior Ministry of Germany fear that each of the 1.4 million asylum seekers in Germany in 2015 can become a point of attraction for new waves of refugees.

The German government asks the EU leaders not to lead to deterioration of the already asymmetric load distribution to the refugees.


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