Georgian circus left the camel for the winter in the town in the Ternopil region

Georgian circus left the camel for the winter in the town in the Ternopil region

While the animal lives at the local stadium


In the town of Khorostkiv, Ternopil oblast wandering circus from Georgia left after a tour of the camel. About this Facebook said the animal protection movement UAnimals.

Picture of an animal in the snow caused a strong negative reaction on social networks, however, mayor Stepan Hladun said that the circus left the camel to the local businessman for the winter. He told Ternopil edition “20 minutes”.

“We at the stadium was made by the Georgian circus. When they have finished the last event of the season, they agreed with the local entrepreneur to leave his winter camel and a llama. In animals there are all conditions for life. But because of the thaw in the stadium formed a strong swamp, so take a camel is impossible. From there, it is difficult to leave. The truck will search through the whole stadium. As soon as the weather improves, we will transport the animal”, – assured the official.

According to him, the camel is at the stadium in a special room, to care for it, but on the snow it had to walk.

Hladun also expressed confidence that the animal cold is not terrible.

“I served in Kazakhstan and one day we went to the ground for exercises. It was very cold -38, we lived in tents. And I saw that in the desert there are camels, and was very surprised. But I was told that since they live in the wild and can withstand temperatures up to -40,” said the mayor.

He assured that the wintering area of the animal to be transported in a week.

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