Genetically modified bacteria are allowed to create the world’s first “living tattoo”

Scientists from mit have received a genetically modified strain of bacteria is compatible with the materials for 3D printing. With their help, plan to create “living tattoos” that can react to external stimuli.

The cell walls of bacteria are strong enough to withstand a shot from the nozzle of a 3D printer, so scientists could only secure their survival in the hydrogel, which serves as a consumable raw material. Genetically modified bacteria will be divided into hundreds of types, with a specific reaction to specific chemicals. It will be a system of control – feeding the right solutions at the nodes of three-dimensional structure, scientists will be able to run pre-programmed process.

In the simplest example, human skin has caused the 3D film is patterned in a tree structure, whose branches can be painted in different color. Further work will be conducted above the seal patterns and the increase and complexity of relationships in them. The ultimate goal is to copy the architecture of electronic microarray to obtain an analog mini-computer.

The word “tattoo” is mentioned because of the methods of creating patterns from bacteria, instead of implanting an alien implant in a human body 3D printer can print in layers on the skin the desired pattern. And if to create a “live wearable computer” is definitely still very far away, to give to mankind the elementary markers and sensors, scientists will be able in the near future. For example, the living tattoo that responds to the signs of carbon monoxide indoors or controller level of insulin in the patient’s body.

Source — MIT

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