Full repair of the engine of Volkswagen “beetle” for six minutes

On YouTube-channel company Hagerty has a video demonstration engine overhaul car model Volkswagen Beetle. Engineers and plumbers have turned the chore into a fascinating timelapse of the show. Just 6 minutes they carried out the whole process from the dismantling of the engine before installing back fully refurbished device.

A car whose engine has become the protagonist of the video indeed is in the ownership of the company. Time and the years have not spared the car, and in addition she took a full 4000 km straight before recording this show. “Bug” specially ferried from Portland, Oregon, in Traverse city, Michigan, Hagerty is the workshop.

Simple repair the old engine was not much point, so he was worn out. Therefore, locksmiths are completely to the screw, took it apart and replaced a lot of parts with new, modern counterparts. This rebirth, literally a second life for the engine and, probably, to the legendary “Beetle”.

Watch artists at work is a pleasure, but to record the whole process, I had to make 30000 individual pictures, which are then glued into one six-minute video. Pleasant viewing!

Source — Popular Mechanics

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