From the collections of the Lviv art gallery disappeared 600 exhibits

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From the collections of the Lviv art gallery disappeared 621 Museum exhibit, including sculptures, ancient books, paintings, valuable coins, and even furniture. A shortage discovered during inventory Museum complexes, which are included in the gallery, reports the publication ZAXID.NET.

Director of the Lviv art gallery Taras Wozniak gave a detailed list of all works of art, which were missing the Museum.

“In the winter when we discovered the loss of ancient books, we started a detailed inventory of all Museum collections. It turned out that there was a General lack 621 works of art from different periods, starting from the XVI century to the XX century. I from memory it is difficult to say how many works of art disappeared and somehow divide them into groups, but I do know that the greatest number of exhibits were missing in the repository of the Olesko castle,” said Wozniak.

Chief curator of the Museum “Olesky castle” Tatyana Sabodash recently sent a letter to President Petro Poroshenko, in which he stated that Wozniak blames her for the disappearance of coins in the substitution of Museum exhibits unreasonable.

In turn, Wozniak addressed a statement to the police. “For me as the gallery Director this inventory and its results are important not only in order to punish someone – it’s the job of law enforcement officers… Now we only quantitatively assessed what is missing. Next, we will work on identifying counterfeits of authentic exhibits copies. That is, we have yet to discover if there are among the items that are in stock, fakes”, – he added.

5 January 2017 the police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of disappearance of more than 90 unique antique books and manuscripts at the Lviv national art gallery.

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