Free application-Zello walkie-talkie gained 6 million new users before hurricane Irma

Over the last week, when Florida was preparing for the impact of hurricane Irma, the number of subscribers to the free app for chatting live Zello again increased to 6 million. in fact, it has become a significant alternative to the government channels alert, as delivers the latest information is not an example of faster and more accurate.

The project Zello was launched in 2012 and is a public service of the voice channels, where you can ask any questions on important topics and quickly get an answer. “Where’s hurricane?”, “Can we go to the hospital for Deirdre street?”, “People don’t forget to tell the kids the password unlock their smartphones, just in case.” The application uses an Internet connection via Wi-Fi network-and allows you to load additional information: screenshots, photos, geotags, etc.

Zello developers have established a tough, uncompromising and effective mechanism of moderation to keep out the air of bullies, spammers and alarmist. Before the invasion of hurricane Harvey, the participants channel “Cajun Navy” was forcibly transferred to friends and acquaintances. As a result, he remained the only reliable method of communication, when came the great water. The same is now observed in Florida – tired of the chaos and useless bustle, people obey the rules Zello to survive.

Administrators Zello trying to blame the fact that they occupy the channels of communication and act inhumane, denying people basic privileges. There’s being banned for misconduct, the individual is in danger of being without help in a difficult time. The commercial part of the project is separated from the public, which receives one million new users every day, but because the sentiments are not relevant here. Reality quickly puts everything in its place.

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