First League: the Tightness on all floors. 11 tour (VIDEO)

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The three leaders headed to the capital “the Arsenal” remained even.

Arsenal remains the only team going undefeated. While the capital’s players have extended a victorious series to four matches, and Ezeala who started the season in the Premier League in the “Stars”, the second match in a row not leaving the field without a goal.

Second, in this meeting, the goal was scored by highly experienced Stargorodskiy for whom this goal became the twentieth in the first division. Note that the main coach of “Arsenal” Sergei Litovchenko continues to let the lineup for young players: this time debuted a 19-year-old defender Ibadov.

“Obolon-Brovar” for the fifth time met with the “Poltava” and “citizens”, again scoring just one goal, scored 30 away victory in the first League. At this time the distinguished Boroday, for whom it was a debut in 20 matches the ball in the second rank of the division. Note the goalkeeper Poltava Kuchinsky, keeping a clean sheet for just 310 minutes.


“Ingulets” won its biggest victory in the first League, and Loktionov has scored the 50th goal of the team of Petrovo in the first League. The man of the match was the best scorer of the championship Akimenko, who is the tenth for the time of performances in division a brace now on account of his 77 goals!

In the “Ingulets” debuted Balan, who started the season in “Chernomorets”, and in the first League played for “Dynamo-2” and “Cherkasy Dnepr”. Also a newcomer to the team was another recent “sailor” Novotryasov. For him, the meeting with the “Helios” was one-hundredth in the first League, where he previously defended the colors of “Krymteplitsa”, “Bukovina” and “Illichivets”.

Highlight and Soldier, distinguished for the first time in the “Ingulets” – he had previously scored opponents Alchevsk “Steel” and Krivoy Rog “Miner”. As for the “Helios”, in Petrovo “Sunny” for the eighth time suffered the largest defeat in the first League. Kharkiv was again defeated with the score 0:4, the seventh time on the road. “Distinguished” and Sergei Kravchenko, the third time removed from the field in the first League.


“Pearl” after a crushing defeat in the last round managed to right himself, suddenly, winning in the “ear”. This was the first Victoria Odessa club under Leonid gaydarzhi, and for 19-year-old Dolinsky – scoring debut match in the first League. In the “Pearls” debuted just three players on loan from Chornomorets – Petko, Murashov and Norenkov.

In Kremenchug, there met the teams in the last seasons playing in the second division and are now bottom of the table. The winner is undecided this time, although the victory “Crimeny” could bring Borovsky, whose shot from the spot managed to parry Ilyushenkov. Note Grigory Baranets, who scored the 40th goal in the first League. The team of Vladimir Maziar debuted two more loaned players “Carpathians” – Palm and Tkachuk.

One of the heroes of the match, Romney was the wolves who scored first-run double in the first League (that happened in the 117th game), making a great contribution to the victory of the “Gums”. “The oil industry worker” continues to fail to play on your field, failing with the start of the championship to win only one victory in six home matches.


Win-win series of teamruslan Zabransky increased to five games. This time nikolayevets could not in his field to beat Volyn. One of the best snipers of the championship Sikorsky in the sixth match in a row not scored. Highlight and midfielder of “Nikolaev” Aleksanova, who spent his 200th match in the first League. And alstonville wards albert Shakhov equilibrium thanks to a goal by Nikityuk, for whom this goal became a debut in the second rank of the division.

To this we add some interesting stats. “Pearl” is still complete in the first division on the home field won two wins and four defeats. At the same time, “Cherkasy Dnepr” for the first time since the start of the season split with rival points. In Cherkasy debuted in the first League leader of the “Balkans”. In sum scorer of the winning goal “Gornyak-Sport” became Moiseenko, for which that ball was a jubilee, the tenth in the division.

Behind almost a third of the tournament, showed what lies ahead for us will be even more intense fight. Opponents crowded the area as outsiders, and in a large group of contenders for spots in the Premier League…

Yuri MAZURKEVICH, Sport-Express in Ukraine



1. Arsenal 11 9 2 0 29 20-6

2. Poltava 11 8 2 1 26 20-7

3. Ingulets 11 7 2 2 23 17-7

4. Gums 11 7 1 3 22 20-8

5. Helios 11 7 1 3 17-10 22

6. Ear 11 6 2 3 20 14-9

7. Vanguard 11 5 1 5 14-17 16

8. Obolon-Brovar 11 4 4 3 9-9 15

9. The Balkans 11 4 3 4 9-11 15

10. Nikolaev 11 4 2 5 14 15-16

11. Hirnyk-Sport 11 4 1 6 9-13 13

12. Volyn 11 3 2 6 11 10-15

13. Oilman 11 2 4 5 8-13 10

14. Pearl 11 3 1 7 10 14-22

15. Flint 11 3 1 7 9-19 10

16. Movement 11 2 3 6 9-14 9

17. Sumy 11 2 2 8 7 6-14

18. Cherkasy Dnepr 11 2 1 7 8 9-19

Scorers: AKIMENKO (Ingulets) – 9, Sikorsky (Nikolaev) – 6, Degtyarev (Poltava), Batalski (Arsenal), A. A. Kozlov, S. Kravchenko (both Helios) – 5.

12-th round. September 15: the gum – Sumy, Volyn – Ingulets. September 16: Ruh – Obolon-Brovar, Hirnyk-Sport – Flint, avant-garde – Cherkasy Dnepr, Pearl – Arsenal, Poltava – Nikolaev, ear – Helios, the Balkans in the oil industry.

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