European championship: a Team of rescuers

Friday. Tbilisi. Vice-European Champions: Vladimir STANKEVICH, Anatoly GEREY, Maksim KHVOROST and Bogdan NIKISHIN. Photo: fie.ch

The silver won by epee fencers Bogdan by Nikishina, Anatoly Gerey, Maxim Firewood and Vladimir Stankevich, Jr. on the penultimate day of competitions in Tbilisi, helped save the prestige of the national team of Ukraine.

One award Ukrainian fencers returned from the European championship, which ended on Saturday in Tbilisi. One step higher compared to last year rose Spagna our men’s team.

Note that for the son of a senior coach Vladimir Stankevich silver Georgian sample was the first award on superiority of continent, Anatoly Gerey – fourth, Bogdan Nikishin – sixth, and for Maxim Brushwood seventh, he is the way, the only one of the current Quartet, who was in the gold composition of the sample of Koblenz-2001.


Up to the penultimate day of competition at the European Championships in the moneybox of the national team of Ukraine were empty. Our country is risked to remain without a single medal for the first time, continental samples from Bolzano 1999. Several times in this championship, Ukrainian fencers approached the pedestal, but to make one cherished step before him had failed.

It’s doubly disappointing for spugesdu Elena an Krivitsky, who had been on the whole equal to a quarterfinal meeting with Olympic champion 2016 Hungarian Emese Szasz (12:12).

But being forced because of the priority of the opponent to attack, missed in the last five seconds three injections (12:15). No less dramatic has happened and the last team fight of the quarterfinals with participation of pupils of Dmitry Raslina where she was unable to keep three injections benefits under the onslaught catches courage of Romanians Amalia Tataran (40:44).

I really wanted to stop at the victory over eight-time world champion from Russia Alexei Yakimenko our fencer Andrew Berry, but, alas, he’s next in the quarterfinals then lost to the Italian Luka, Curatolo (10:15). We assume that the Squadra Azzurra therefore took a kind of revenge for that earlier in 1/32 other Ukrainian Oleksiy Statsenko dared to raise a hand against the legendary Aldo Montano (15:8). However, in the next round, he surrendered.

Finally, just a fantastic battle, given the formidable Italians in the quarterfinals of the team competition Ukrainian foil. Until the last match of wards of Sergey Gaevskogo managed to stay one shot from star rivals led the newly minted European champion Daniele Garozzo. But he still took her in the end (39:45).

Olga Harlan and dramatically upgraded (in the circumstances) the team sablistok – a topic for a separate discussion. Just imagine since 2005, none of the championship was not without the Nikolaev athletes on the podium in individual or team competitions, and five times there (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016).

But she’s not iron it in the first place. Shoulder surgery and the pause in the first nine months still did not pass unnoticed, is second. And thirdly, in recent years, competition in the women’s saber raised. Plus has significantly increased, saving sports rage after the failure in Rio, representatives of France, one of which Cecilia, Berger, in fact, lost to Harlan in the 1/8 finals in Tbilisi (12:15).

Perhaps even more annoying turned lose in a team fight for four from Hungary. Harlan was very close to having to make another stunning comeback. Otkvital one punch immediately after the beginning of the ninth battle (38:40), she missed four in a row is 38:44. But even then did not give up and nearly turned the meeting – 43:44. Against this turn of events was Anna Marton (43:45). Dramatic, but not tragic!

Olga Harlan with her character and the new head coach of the women’s sabre fencing team Oleg Shturbabin, confident, wise enough in order to turn this defeat to their advantage, to extract the maximum information by sending a training process in the right direction before the world Cup (19-26 September in Leipzig).


Perhaps the die was to the Ukrainian epee fencers supportive in this championship. As much as he can do to be supportive in men’s epee. In the first meeting, I mean in the 1/8 finals, we got not rivals in the Polish team, more smooth and accordingly time-consuming to overcome, and the Finnish trio. The fourth athlete from this team for the application is not found, which however did not prevent her to get nervous the coaching staff of the Ukrainian team, headed by Vladimir Stankevich.

All because of a Nico by, the bronze prize-winner of February’s world Cup in Vancouver. Anatoly Gerey, received from him two shots, managed four times in a row to ignite only his lantern. But the leader of the Finnish team didn’t give up and start the fight ended with a minimal advantage of Ukraine (5:4). To increase it to three injections (15:12) was only in the third fight efforts of experienced Kharkiv Maxim of Brushwood. But then the Finns slowly wilted to 45:24.

But with the Hungarians, was waiting for us in the quarterfinals, this number is not passed. Note that the Hungarian team of the Ukrainian epee fencers are not met after the insulting defeat in the match for the bronze medal in Rio 2016. However, from her Olympic structure remained exactly half, and less titled – Andras Radley and Peter Somfai. But the Hungarian youth also was not present. Moreover, it was she who returned his team hope after the second series of fights Gerey, Nikishin and Brushwood built for Ukraine separation “+8”. Gambar Bagnaia and görgey Siklosi played at two of six shots and handed his finisher Radley only “-2”. Good Nikishin, calling after almost a minute of downtime experienced Hungarian on my half, had one successful attack – 34:31. And then everything went like clockwork – 45:39.

Here we should say a few words about how things were rivals, starting with 1/8. Actually, of the eight pairs, the winners were obvious only in two, but in fact it turned out that all in one. Current Champions of Europe, the French could go the Swedes (45:25), then in the next round, stumble on the 17th in the world ranking Germany. Losing 10:15 after the first series of fights Borel and Co went to the “4” to the decisive battle in which a small miracle for his team created the Fabian Hertzberg (45:43).

The second pair, which is incredible, almost became obvious, was the Italy – Romania game. Pizzo and his team-mates, brought together this season’s full collection of award winning world Cup (gold in Heidenheim, silver in Paris, bronze in Vancouver) obviously did not expect that compatriots Ana Maria Popescu drink they have so much blood (19:16).

In turn, do not expect serious resistance from the already posumavi this season, the Czechs, the Italians could not. That is, the underestimation of the opponent is unlikely that there was present, and the only explanation that came to mind such disconcerting for the Squadra Azzurra is the beginning of the match (2:10) is that it is all a Quartet embarked last Friday on the wrong foot.

Actually used only one Marco fikera. He first on Jiri Berane narrowed the gap to two shots – 21:23, and then in the final battle with Richard Submissive and is close to a distance of one – 29:30. But at this point, the finisher of the Czech national team if you came out of hibernation and won four phrases in a row. The deal was done – 37:32 in favor of the Czech Republic, which meant that it was with Humble and his colleagues will have to fence in the finals of the national team of Ukraine.

Another question less whether it was evil? We are inclined to believe that still less even despite the fact that Italians have in this season’s account in the internal opposition was 1:1 (in Vancouver we have won – 40:39, in Paris they – 40:29, however, there have not been fenced injured Nikishin). But with the Czechs posleolimpiyskogo statistics of the Ukrainians were extremely negative – 0:3. Our team team lost and Submissive To the world Cup in Bern and Buenos Aires’s city’s, and are with him in the battle for the gold world Cup in Vancouver.

The Vancouver meeting and the European semi-finals were different. Then, in February, Gerey, who did much to make the team reached the finals, brought in it “-4”. Most likely, with him a cruel joke played by the change in time zones, as it turned out, the coaching staff headed by Vladimir Stankevich. The competition was actually over in the morning Kyiv time, and the body different athletes in different ways react to such a jolt.

In Tbilisi, on the contrary, Anatoly helped our team to go with “-4”. Before he took to the track against Paul Petry on the scoreboard glowed 3:7, when he left her – 11:12.

But in the end, what a battle we have come, being one shot behind. And here we must pay tribute Nikishino. This season he has repeatedly stumbled in fights with rivals, fencing the “French handle”, and in particular Richard Submissive in the team finals in Vancouver. Immediately well then after one shot, the leader of our team then missed five, then to save the meeting it was already very difficult: 40:35 in favor of the Czech Republic.

What an antidote against ruchejnikov found 37-year-old epee from the Dnieper, demonstrated even on the way to Bogota’s gold, having easily dealt with the bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympics Korean Jeon Jin Sleep. In Tbilisi ward Olga Markina was in no hurry to compare the account (12:13). Seeing no action from the opponent, the judge stated liabilities, and launched minute timer. And only once, and it was counted for thirty seconds, he exploded in a flash attack and lit only one (your) flashlight (13:13). After that he managed a shot in the foot (14:13), and after that discouraged Cech went to win, each time bumping into sturdy protection Nikishin (18:14).

With the Russian team, which was waiting for us in the main match of the day, the Ukrainian epee fencers after winning in the quarterfinals at the Olympics in Rio (45:32) met only once – at the world Cup in Paris and won again, and, yielding to two shots before the final battle, which, incidentally, came out not Nikishin, Anatoly Gerey – 28-year-old native of Uzhgorod, the athlete Kiev shvsm (28:23). And he, recall, is winning his battle against the champion of Europe Pavel Sukhov, actually has brought back hope in already, it would seem that the Russians lost the quarter final on the gold for us the world Championships in Moscow in 2015.

But, apparently, this time fate has decided to make Sukhov and his comrades Alaverdi. Gerey opened the final fight with the most successful epee in the current Russian squad, and opened unsuccessfully – 2:5. But on the bright side, as they say. In this situation, to show himself debutant of the European championship 22-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Vladimir Stankevich, winning his mini-duel with V. 3:1 and having reduced the gap from five to three injections (11:14). However, to keep their failed “-3” we went out again only after the Brushwood, substitute Gerey, won his fight Glazkov 8:6. And overall the score was 21:24.

As in the match against the Czechs Nikishin do not rush things, for about a minute it took him to prepare the first successful phrase – 22:24, and about thirty seconds to a second – 23:24.

Then there was the double, which, alas, three times in a row lights only the lamp of the opponent (24:28). But our epee did not give up, four seconds before the end, he again miraculously approached the Russian team at arm’s length – 29:30. But the time to somehow prepare the attack was no more, it was necessary to act on the principle of “hit – run”. Bogdan acted, but then three times in a row stubbornly burned both lamps 32:33.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

TBILISI. The Championship Of Europe. 16 Jun. Men. Sword. Team championship. 1. Russia (Anokhin, Glazkov, Hodos, Sukhov). 2. UKRAINE (Gerey, Brushwood, Nikishin, Stankevich). 3. Czech Republic (Beran, Pitre, Submissive, Robes). 4. Germany. 5. Hungary. 6. France*(Borel*, Güsten, Gérane*, Luseni*). 7. Italy. 8. Switzerland.

The 1/8 finals. UKRAINE – Finland – 45:24. 1/4 finals. Germany – France* – 45:43. Russia – Switzerland – 45:34. UKRAINE – Hungary – 45:39. Czech Republic – Italy – 37:32. For 5-8 places. France* Switzerland – 45:39. Hungary – Italy – 45:38. For the 7th place. Italy – Switzerland – 44:41. For 5th place. Hungary – France* – 26:25. 1/2 finals. Russia – Germany – 41:30. UKRAINE – Czech Republic – 18:14. For the 3rd place. Czech Republic – Germany – 23:22. The final. Russia – UKRAINE – 33:32.

Women. Rapier. Team championship. 1. Italy (Volpi, Batini, Mancini, Arrigo). 2. Russia* (Zagidullina*, Tropinina, Martyanova, Deriglazova*). 3. Germany (Sauer, HAMPEL, Golubitsky, Ebert). 4. Hungary. 5. France. 6. Poland. 7. Sweden.

1/4 finals. Germany – Poland – 43:39. Hungary – France – 37:36. Russia* Sweden – 45:18. For 5-8 places. France – Sweden – 45:25. For 5th place. France – Poland – 43:36. 1/2 finals. Italy – Germany – 45:36. Russia* Hungary – 45:27. For the 3rd place. Germany – Hungary – 45:18. The final. Italy – Russia* – 45:31.

17 Jun. Men. Saber. Team championship. 1. Russia* (Pozdnyakov, Ibragimov*, Danilenko*, Yakimenko*). 2. Italy (Samele, Montano, Curatolo, Berra). 3. Hungary (Szilagyi, Satmari, Gemesi, Deci). 4. Germany. 5. UKRAINE (Berry, A. Statsenko, Pundik, Platonov). 6. Romania. 7. France. 8. Georgia.

The 1/8 finals. UKRAINE – great Britain – 45:31. 1/4 finals. Italy – Georgia – 45:37. Germany – Romania – 45:39. Hungary – France – 45:41. Russia* – UKRAINE – 45:29. For 5-8 places. Romania – Georgia – 45:40. UKRAINE – France – 45:40. For the 7th place. France – Georgia – 45:43. For 5th place. UKRAINE – Romania – 45:38. 1/2 finals. Italy – Germany – 45:39. Russia* Hungary – 45:39. For the 3rd place. Hungary – Germany – 45:28. The final. Russia* Italy – 45:41.

Women. Sword. Team championship. 1. France (Mountains, Mallo, Remi, Vitalis). 2. Russia (Gudkov, Kolobov, Martyniuk, Zvereva). 3. Romania (Dance, Sbarca, Tataran, Veres). 4. Estonia* (Belyaeva*, Ambra*, Yulia*, Kuusk*). 5. Poland. 6. Germany. 7. UKRAINE (Bajura, Krivitskaya, Panteleeva, Pochkalova). 8. Italy.

The 1/8 finals. UKRAINE – Israel – 45:39. 1/4 finals. Estonia* Poland – Poland – 34:26. France – Italy – 45:42. Romania – UKRAINE – 44:40. Russia – Germany – 43:33. For 5-8 places. Poland – Italy – 40:34. Germany – UKRAINE – 45:39. For the 7th place. UKRAINE – Italy – 32:31. For 5th place. Poland – Germany – 44:35. 1/2 finals. France – Estonia* – 45:35. Russia – Romania – 45:41. For the 3rd place. Romania – Estonia* – 45:38. The final. France – Russia – 42:41.

* Champ (champion) in Europe in 2016.

The medals table

Z B Only

1. Italy 4 3 4 11

2. Russia 3 6 1 10

3. France 3 – 3 6

4. Germany 1 1 1 3

5. Georgia 1 – 1 2

6. Hungary – 1 3 4

7. UKRAINE – 1 – 1

8. Romania – – 2 2

Estonia – – 2 2

10. Czech Republic – – 1 1

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