Elektro-skateboard, Lego-style of printed on 3D-printer parts

Once the British magician James Bruton wanted his skateboard, of no one. He was inspired by the details of children’s designer, but has increased every brick five times, stylized them under the classic LEGO sample 1980s. the Details, the total number over 600 pieces, printed on a 3D printer, using a CAD system for Fusion 360.

Each wheel is equipped with a personal bearing, therefore, the Central steel axis remains stationary and serves as the basis for sites for two Li-ion batteries 11.5 Ah. As the power plant used here is the brushless motor Turnigy Aerodrive that is covered with authentic casing. Drive one of the rear wheels, the control – wireless joystick.

Large parts of the skateboard are connected not only by the principle of design, but fused for better durability. Across the area for the feet is the basic steel rod in the front to it is attached a pair of conventional wheels of the skateboard, the back – turning mechanism for pushing the wheels. Everything else printed on a 3D printer using plastic or three bright colors.

The trial runs showed that the project only crude, though, and definitely viable. For example, rotation of the rear wheels is almost useless and better to ride in a straight line. But James Bruton in excitement as he gets a chance to continue to improve their offspring by correcting its “childhood diseases”.

Source — XRobots

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